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  • Also Please tell me pros and cons of working in ER. I understand that a lot depends on personal preference but just wanted to know your perspective. I am at crucial stage in my career and i want to make sound decision.

    A big thanks!! looking forward for deep insights :)

    Hey Amanda,

    I understand through one of your reply in a post that you worked in ER for around 5 years. I wonder what led you to join MFE program. I aspire to pursue career in ER but dont know what is the career progression after working for 2-3 years as analyst in ER. I will be quite thankful to you if you can give some insights.

    Yes - I run a group that develops and executes trading strategies for gambling markets worldwide. Our focus right now is horse racing and we are always on the hunt for smart, creative, innovative people who might have ideas that can add value. We have a comprehensive database, trading platform that operates 24/7, a small team of traders and some unique structural economic advantages. Let me know if you want to discuss how we might work together.
    Amanda - I saw your post on the horse racing hedge fund. Is that something you're interested in?

    Hi. I am applying for Baruch MFE for 2011 fall semester. I am curious to know more about what kind of profiles admitted students have (which is off course mentioned on their web site). I submitted my chances of getting in with my profile on one of the threads but no one has commented anything yet. Would you mind sharing your pre baruch profile with me and comment on my profile. I would share my credentials with you as soon as I hear back from you. I appreciate your time and would like to hear from you soon.
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