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Recent content by amit patel

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    I wanna practice algo trading

    FIX Open source engine : Quickfix (c++), Quickfix/J (Java)
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    Ultra-low latency systems...

    Look for Infiniband fabric architecture, RDMA, Zero-copy etc for ultra low latency. This would definatelly help you.
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    Which SQL is widely used in finance?

    In overall finance - Sybase, Oracle as fas I know.
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    Anyone can recommend good STL and BOOST books?

    STL : -> Start with The C++ Standard Library: A Tutorial and Reference - Nicolai M. Josuttis -> Learn something from Effective STL: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your Use of the Standard Template Library by Scott Meyers -> Code small examples Then, You're all set.
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    Would you attend Baruch MFE or Columbia MFE?

    avirp, I'm a working professional having 8 yrs of c++ exp., working in front-office in IB; after meeting with Baruch students and professor, I decided to go for Baruch in Fall 2010 If I get a chance. I don't find any word to explain why after taking their demo class. Good luck !
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    Low latency trading system

    Wallstyouth - Nice points Which approch do you use ? Non-blocking IO or Multithreading ?
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    multi-threaded semaphore C++

    Learning won't take more than 1 fullday for interview. Hands on is different topic although. As working in multithreading/c++ on unix for 7 years; suuggesting few tips. 1. Google it and try to write small samples creating threads; use join, mutex, conditional variables etc. 2. Learn...
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    Algo Trading : Requirements

    With your background, getting a job will be easier than for most people, but sadly that comes at a price that it's more likely to be ѕhit than for other people. Would you please explain more on these please ? In context of what ? Thanks.
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    Algo Trading : Requirements

    I forgot to mentione that I've 8 years of experinece in C++ and Unix and working for IB. But unfortunately not at right place. So thought this position would be helpful to get into quant side role in 2-3 years. Any thought ? Thanks !
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    Algo Trading : Requirements

    I came across requirement in high frequency AT where they need IT people to support traders and AT applications. In this kind of role, is there any possiblity where we can learn and move to business role or quant role I mean may be after gaining 2-3 years of experinece on such applications...
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    GRE MATH vs CFA Level 1

    >> The number of people who put "CFA Level 1 candidate, pass out" on their resume is increasing so it's not going to impress people any more. here I'm disagree with this view point. I'm candidate of CFA L1 for this june. Having more than 7 yrs exp. in C++ , have Math back ground and working...
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    CFA vs Quantitative Finance

    Although nothing wrong if you finish in 10 years than not doing it. It is always knowledge and value addition.
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    CFA vs Quantitative Finance

    CFA is a worthy doing if you're in finance or IB and looking for future after 10 years from now.
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    DE Shaw interview

    I applied but mine was rejected for interview.
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    Wanna be Quant

    Having about 7 yrs of experience in C++ . Working in IB. Wanna be Quant. Suggest.