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Recent content by Andy D.

  1. Andy D.

    Username change request thread

    Hi, Could you please change my username to Andy D. Thanks,
  2. Andy D.

    Computer Fever - Is there an MD in the house?

    @ MRoss - funny you mentioned this. Back in '07 I had exactly the same problem - with my right eye actually. I remember one night in particular where I was working on a project for a customer and finished up in the office around midnight. My right eye felt really really strained that evening -...
  3. Andy D.

    Well I'll be - Greece might actually do it...

    That pretty much sums up the EU. Great idea, but he application of it got messed up along the way. Too many social issues as well as economic were not addressed as the zone was enlarged over the years. Still if any good is to come from this, the EU will be reformed and hopefully a stronger...
  4. Andy D.

    Gödel, Escher, Bach

    bigbadwolf - Did you find it an interesting read?
  5. Andy D.

    Gödel, Escher, Bach

    Has anyone on here read Gödel, Escher, Bach? I recently read a Jon Ronson book - The Psychopath Test and he mentions the above tome during the course of one of the chapters. I grabbed a copy from B&N the other night as it sounds like a fascinating read. Any thoughts on it?
  6. Andy D.


    Just to add a slightly different slant to this. Whilst it is true that your major manufacturing bases in the west (which killed off many of the previous skilled craftsmen) have often been snuffed out, there has been something of a mini-renaissance when it comes to hand made goods. You only have...
  7. Andy D.

    Remembering 9/11

    I was working just outside of London at the time. I remember one of our co-workers walking out into the huddle that had gathered. She was talking about how her husband was on a call to colleagues in the US - in the WTC when the planes hit, and the line went dead. Awful, awful day.
  8. Andy D.


    Andy Nguyen - Did you get the opportunity to have a play with this? If so, any thoughts?
  9. Andy D.

    Hurricane Irene

    Yike Lu - Put down the Alex Jones and gently step away ;). Well the covert ops folks are welcome to clear up some of the trees on their way through of they get the chance!
  10. Andy D.

    Hurricane Irene

    Well we have a lot of trees down in CT, and no power in a lot of places - but thankfully no terrorist attacks. I can't help but think somebody should come up with a better way of running the power lines to residential areas. A lot of CT is woods/forest, so every time there is a bit of a storm...
  11. Andy D.


    Andy - Yeah I really like the idea behind it. Basically taking a URL converting it into a SQL query and pumping the data back to you in JSON format. It sits over most of the major DB formats as well from the looks of it.
  12. Andy D.


    Has anyone here used HTSQL? http://htsql.org/ If so what are your thoughts on it as a tool that could be used in Financial Services?
  13. Andy D.

    Hurricane Irene

    Thankfully I am far enough in-land that the storm surge won't be a problem. We moved all the garden furniture inside, stuck the vehicles in the garage and took the advise of the folks down in LA - invested in a decent bottle of Bourbon. If the power holds out we have some TV shows from the UK on...
  14. Andy D.


    Yep I felt it here, we have an older building as well (19thC) so they may explain it feeling a little worst here than other buildings. Of course this weekend we the hurricane to content with.
  15. Andy D.

    Corruption in India

    FEnzo, I agree you should take it on a case by case basis, but I still think you eventually have to draw a line in the sand. I deliberately picked an item i.e. the Norman invasion that seems absurd, because nobody is reasonably going to blame the modern day residents of Normandy, or their...