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Andy Nguyen
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  • HI Andy!!!
    I got admitted to NCU Financial mathematics and Stevens Financial Engineering.
    I am confused to chosse between the two.
    Could you give me some insight about both the programs, coursework, faculty, inetrnships and placements from your perspective?
    Hi Andy
    I got the acceptance from Rutgers FSRM and Suny Buffalo MS Finance Quantitative track programs.
    Please help in choosing one of these programs.
    How the curriculum of these programs differ?
    Which program will be better for an international student to get internship and job placements easily?
    Please suggest.
    Hi Andy,
    am Sakthi, i work as a hardware engineer but my dream is to work for a sports firm.
    i would like to pursue a masters in sports management, can u help me identify a university
    which provide free education.

    Hi Andy,

    It's nice to get connected to you. Needed some advice regarding applying to the schools that fit my profile.

    It will be of great help if you can share with me your email id.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Hi Andy! Could you add prefix for Suny Buffalo MS Finance (Quantitative Track)
    Hi Andy! Is there a problem adding this into the tracker, I mean it'll really help me. Actually I m excepting admits from few other universities as well but Buffalo's fees is a real bet and I really want to know whether people are applying in this , quality of people, etc. It's prefix in the tracker will be really helpful. Thanks
    Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen
    Added to the Tracker. Enjoy
    Dear Andy !
    I am recently selected for Fulbright Scholar and they have chosen Boston Uni for MS Financial Math for me. FB asked to upgrd GRE but I made it to 155 Q. what are my chances ?
    Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen
    155Q is quite low. You need 167 or above to be competitive. Check out quantnet.com/tracker for profile of those admitted into the program.
    Syed Azad
    Fulbright selection can help for ADmission Co ?
    Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen
    Not necessarily, the criteria for Fulbright scholarship is different from quant programs.
    Hi Andy,
    I think you should create a tab for MSF(QuantFin Track) Suny Buffalo in Tracker
    Thank You
    Hi Andy,

    Could you create the prefix that for FSRM program, it is the application tracker but it is not under quant programs. Thank you
    Hi Andy,
    My name is Tung Phan and I'm a 3rd PhD student in Stat at the Wharton School. I'm looking for a summer internship. I found your posts very helpful and instructive. From your experience, what are the good firms to intern for? We can also exchange thoughts via email. Mine is tungphan87@gmail.com. Thank you man!
    Hi, Andy,
    I have just enrolled in the C++ program and because I have little experience in C++, I feel difficulties in the first two levels.
    Could you please change the enrollment date to a later time(like today) or is it better for me to cancel the enrollment now and come back after I get myself ready for the program? Thank you!
    Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen
    I have adjusted the starting date for you as today.
    Thank you very much! That is better for me!
    HI Andy, question for C++ Certificate program. Is it possible for TA to write a letter of reference for my application for MFE program? Thanks
    Hi Andy, I want to do the C++ certificate that Quantnet offers and am just wondering when would be the next possible time to enroll? I noticed that you mentioned that during the 1st and 15th of every month one will be able to enroll, however, is this still the case? Thanks
    Hi Andy,
    Its nice to get connected to you. Can you share your mail id?

    I have taken two online courses data analysis(in R) and algorithm (a little Java and C). But many schools still don't put on any weights on them during my application.
    Any idea and suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Andy.
    My BG: B.S. in Eco & MS in Finance. 4 years of W/E in Commercial Banking ( a little quantitative about risk hedging and structured products). For me, finance and math is not a problem. Statistics is also practiced and learned in school. But programming is really my drawback. My lack in Math is advanced prob and PDE.
    Andy, I am avid in getting access into one of the MFE/MSQF programs because I want to switch to this area. Being rejected by a few programs this year with reasons of 1. No programming exposure, 2. Not enough maths, I wonder what can I do to make me more qualified in order to apply next year. (I have to do it right now, just a few months left).
    Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen
    We offer an online C++ certificate for people who apply to MFE programs. You can complete them to improve your programming weakness
    Thanks for replying, Andy. I know this certificate. Actually I'm thinking about applying for this certificate. But do you think it's enough for my "lack of quant" disadvantage? And I'm not sure about its applicability. How can I show that I made a big improvement especially when applying for programs other than Baruch?(No bias)
    Hey Andy ,

    I have a GRE score of 320 / toefl score of 109 / 1 year software job experience and fairly well extra curricular profile.
    I have applied to Rutgers , Courant , Baruch ,NYU-Poly ,IIT .
    However I also want to have a go at the european universities. I tried to search for rankings on european colleges but couldnt find anything substantial.
    Which unis will be good from the point of view of placement ?
    I dont understand why they saw my transcript and suggest about this program. Would you mind to tell me basic about subject: Financial Engineering. Is this suitable for a girl, and is it difficult for person who dont study a lot of maths to study?
    Thanks a lot and hope to see your reply.
    Andy Nguyen
    Andy Nguyen
    I suspect they just want you to apply even if it's not a good fit for you, given your background. Most people studying FE have a math or engineering background since the materials taught is highly mathematical.
    Hi, Andy. I am applying PhD scholarship. University said that they are very excited if i apply PhD Financial Engineering. I had background for finance with BSc Banking and Finance and Master in financial management in London. Actually, i didnt study subjects in maths in university(GRE OR GMAT... I HAVE NEVER KNOWN IT). But I think i am not too bad about maths when i was in high school.
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