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Recent content by atito

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    easy matlab ?

    Nop! you have to change the last three lines: z = f(x(1),y(1)) z = f(x(2),y(2)) z = f(x(3),y(3)) to have the 'expected' behavior
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    Career as a foreigner

    :) As I said before, you don't get points from "English + maintenance funds". you must satisfy these two conditions before computing the points and thus you don't get 20 points for these conditions: This is not true: " 10 For speaking English (doing the Baruch masters proves this) 10 for...
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    Career as a foreigner

    Hello! Sorry but you mis understand the point based system. to be eligible you should have: - 75 points ( Age (20 points for < 28), Education (master 35 points) , UK exprience (5points), ..) & english + maintenance funds ( 2800 pounds) so in the example you gave, you only have 55 in the first...