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    How to Save Greece

    How to Save Greece Debt doesn't have to spell disaster. A solution to Europe's crisis exists—and it's worked before Greece is a chronic defaulter. Since winning independence from the Ottoman Empire in 1832, the nation has spent half its time in various stages of default or restructuring. At...
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    IAFE conference?

    Hope it will be as interesting as last year. From the names that are attending, I can sense how exciting it will be. Is quantnet sponsoring this year? See you there:)
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    NYC Drinks - QuantNet meet up?

    Nice seeing you all yesterday... lots of fun:) See you at the next event soon...
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    Does the bull market have legs?

    The second anniversary of the equity market bottom is a good time to take stock. Two years ago today the US’s S&P 500 closed at 676.5, its 2009 low, amid unrelieved gloom. In hindsight that was the moment to buy. But after returns of 96 per cent, the question is whether this bull market...
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    Quant Shops Innovate to Survive

    Innovation has always been on the daily “to do” list of every quantitative fund management firm that uses computer programs instead of mortal analysts to pick stocks and bonds. But after they were throttled by the stock market crash of 2008, quant shops ranging from behemoths like State Street...
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    Quantnet's Trip to Hunter Mountain Ski Resort

    February 26th is getting close:)
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    Barnes and Noble Coupon

    Sweet:) Thanx
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    ‘Quant’ firm pays $242m to settle error allegations

    A quantitative investment firm agreed to pay $242m to settle allegations that it hid from clients an error in its computer model that caused them millions of dollars in losses. Axa Rosenberg Group, which managed $30bn at the end of last year, and related entities agreed to settle the...
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    Quantnet's Trip to Hunter Mountain Ski Resort

    I have used ipod during snowboarding for several years. It never caused a problem to me. Yet, it is true that it could be dangerous, if you have the music blasting and not being able to hear the skier coming straight at you from behind:) Especially if it is Metallica!
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    US Treasury to sell bonds with maturities of 100 years

    The US Treasury has been urged to sell “ultra-long” bonds with maturities of up to 100 years to help lower the government’s borrowing costs. The longest bond issued by the US has a maturity of 30 years, and in recent years, the UK, France and China have sold 50-year debt. Extending the average...
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    Baruch MFE Reasoning to attend Baruch MFE?

    I see that you have done your homework very meticulously. Way to go:) [/LIST]
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    Sweet Bob:)
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    Should I retake the GRE again?

    Pay closer attention to Personal statement. That is provided you come with a good GPA and good grades on Math/Programming classes.
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    Need opinions on Quant Finance Teaching Position

    I feel that anyone in your shoes would have made the same decision. As a student representative of my class, I have to deal with many administrators that seem to over abuse the power their position gives them over other people. Of course, a student is a lot different than full-time faculty, but...
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    Ex-SocGen trader found guilty of copying HFT code

    I know.. right??? what happened to usb drives?:) I'll ask for the code... take that with us to Toronto!