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    Credit Derivatives Research Papers

    EQS Does any one have anything on EQS valuation? Thanks.
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    Quantnet Picnic in Central Park

    Neither of the two dates -- I will be travelling in China during that time. Enjoy the picnic, guys !!!
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    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday!! Professor, your courses were tough, very tough; but we will always remember how much efforts that you put into teaching us and helping us!! Thank you for everything and happy birthday!!:tiphat: And.... enjoy your trip in France!!!;)
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    Congratulations Jake and Sarah

    Congratulations! What a happy moment. :)
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    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    Hi Greg!!! Happy Birthday!! Best wishes and lots, lots more The Simpsons!!!! :D
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    Interview with Dominic Connor

    Yan He, If you understood what I wrote in my post above, you would have realized that I meant the same thing as your "persoanl preference". While stating out some fact, I had no intention to put men on "the dark side" at all, if I have to make myself clear. Also, if you read the entire thread...
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    Two books about Econometrics

    I wonder what would be the insurance premium for using time series...:-ss
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    Honors MBA applicant -network with MFE

    Obtaining internships: New York vs. overseas... I sometimes wonder if we can do a comparison on the difficulty/competition levels of the two.
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    Interview with Dominic Connor

    Urszula, I would have to agree with you on this. I often hear guys saying (in a very aggresive tone), "SHOW ME THE MONEY!"; but I don't hear the same from women (at least not as much.) Also...I'm quite sure that people have their individual metrics when it comes to making important decisions...
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    another IAFE event 5/12

    hmmm, this makes me wonder whether or not Tyra Banks would be there...;)
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    Quants in buy-side and sell-side

    What working environment would you enjoy being in? What do you love doing for the rest of your career life? Not sure which question would be easier to answer, but career satisfaction comes much closer when one knows him- or herself. What are your goals?
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    Changing major(need advice)

    Any idea can be a great idea if you can get it to work well with other important factors in your life. But uncertainty always exists... we sometimes find ourselves having to go forward before knowing clearly what is exactly in front of us. Get it started and adjust the directions as you go. I'm...
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    Job market forcast for 2008: It's not all doom and gloom

    I wonder how often luck plays a part in things like landing a job...There are always winners and losers in both good and bad situations... I do wonder sometimes what makes the differences at times... Any wise man out there?:cry:
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    Triple Crown - Kentucky Derby

    Alain!!! You appear to like/love all sports/games -- baseball, football, horse race, what else? Give us a full list so that some of us can check them out!! (I thought you would have no time for fun in the midst of work, family life, and stochastic calculus.... like some say... you are the...
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    Baruch MFE misrepresentation and fraud at BARUCH?

    Your analysis does not represent your analytical skills well.