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Recent content by claudewang

  1. claudewang

    seed Money

    A system only works with big amount of money? It seems to use arbitrage to earn very small spread... do you think it will be convincing to "scary" investors nowadays?
  2. claudewang

    Solutions Manual: Dan Stefanica's A Primer for the Mathematics of Financial Engineering

    May I ask when will this book be available on Amazon? Thanks. Claude.
  3. claudewang

    A guide to job hunting during interesting times

    ...the top fashion model... :-\"
  4. claudewang

    Asian markets plummet

    In financial market, what you see is what it is. Nothing should be really over or under reacting in my opinion.
  5. claudewang

    Hedge Fund's money management...

    Andy, what you said is exactly what I understood. If they invest only 20$ out of 100$ and profit 20$, I know the return rate should be 20/100=20%, not 100%. And my example 100$ is just to simplify my question that we suppose the fund only have 100$ from all investors. So what I am curious about...
  6. claudewang

    Hedge Fund's money management...

    Hi, Doug: Thanks for your reply. I think the "leverage" you mean is the leverage of the financial product they invest. For example, the if they buy stocks without further borrowing money (margin lending), the leverage should be 1; if they buy index futures or options, normally the leverage is...
  7. claudewang

    Hedge Fund's money management...

    I think nowadays the annual return rate 20% for any hedge fund will be an excellent performance. But one thing always puzzled me is that if I give 100$ to a hedge fund, how much on average will they actually invest for me? For example if a hedge fund only risks 20% of their money, their trading...
  8. claudewang

    Is a fund company managing 25 billion Swiss Francs a big company?

    There is a Swiss firm "Partners Group" managing asset over 25 billion CHF. Is such company a big one with reputation? I am a newbie in the job market. Thanks for your reply. Claude.
  9. claudewang

    A new use for calculus

    Actually I am doing what they did as being a physicist in the neuroscience area. Is it possible for people like me to work in Quants/Trader area? (I have to think how our brain being able to think all the time. Hope it's the ability that the finance employers would prefer...)
  10. claudewang

    how to wash out noise in high frequency financial time series

    May I ask you are you a Quant in some company? Is this the a real-world problem happened in your job? Very interesting... Thanks. Claude.
  11. claudewang

    Is there a Low Stress Quant job?

    Excuse me, are you working as a Quants now? Can you share with us how "12 stressful hours a day" are you suffering from? Would be great if you can speak in a way that we can have vivid pictures in our head... Thanks a lot.
  12. claudewang


    I am curious if still people using assembly language and even in financial field... Even for intensive scientific computation, I don't hear people using assembly in their codes. But of course it will be great to know if someone is really using it nowadays.
  13. claudewang

    MBA vs MFE for trading jobs

    Very encouraging! Thanks a lot.
  14. claudewang

    MBA vs MFE for trading jobs

    Could you please share with us your experience to get the trader job? Can you tell us your background and give us some tips about how to gain more chance to be hired as a trader? Many thanks.
  15. claudewang

    Quants and Trader?

    Understood, Andy! Thanks a lot. Claude.