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Recent content by const451

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    Russian Currency Exchange to open

    Chinese have been making those for awhile... China Clones, Sells Russian Fighter Jets - WSJ.com
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    Tradeanator 2: Settlement Day - THE MOVIE

    HAHAHA very funny Goldman turned into a poster child of the finance industry
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    FTC proposes ‘Do Not Track’ Option for Web Users

    Google Accounts That's sleek! How do I get to it from the google site?
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    Ex-SocGen trader found guilty of copying HFT code

    > Another manager, Marc Buchdahl, then noted his increased presence at the office after normal business hours and, Agrawal, testified "because of previous events, this was a > red flag for security people so it was better that I should work at home." I thought it's normal to stay after hours...
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    What laptop do you have?

    The laptop that I have problems with is Sony F1190X/B - this year earlier release of F1390 - I wouldn't buy it. I would suggest a business class laptop such as Dell Latitude E6510 or Lenovo Thinkpad T510 - they both come with 1080p screens and everything else you need. Fonts on 15" 1080p look...
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    OS DB for storing market update messages - Recommendations plz

    Alain, how is "custom query language", is it SQL like?
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    What laptop do you have?

    Please do not buy Sony - I have one. It is emitting some strange high frequency noises - I sent it to California to their repair shop (it's on the warranty) three times already but they cannot fix it. Actually, I receive it back with a note that your laptop was fixed but once I power it on I...
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    OS DB for storing market update messages - Recommendations plz

    Have you already looked at Berkley DB? It's an open source alternative to kdb for storing real time data. My experience lies only with Sql Server so I cannot comment on Berkeley. I hear HDF5 is quite time consuming to master. We'd like to know about your choice.
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    Future Trading Desk: What Tools are Needed?

    If a plane falls are they going to handle that.
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    Algo trading

    I see your points. Here is Dominic's inventory of Algorithmic Traders' skills: econometrics, market microstructure, signal processing, C++, low level IP, game theory, probability theory, gambling maths, pattern matching, dynamic programming, optimization, social engineering. FPGAs, behavioral...
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    Algo trading

    I doubt that even a PhD student can properly learn all those subjects in 5 - 6 years. I also doubt that majority of algo traders posses a deep knowledge of those subjects. There is no program that teaches such a mix of subjects. A PhD student majoring in a quantitative field would have to take...
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    Algo trading

    Nice find, unfortunately, he doesn't provide slides for the three of his Trading strategies lectures though, only for the times series part of the course.
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    Algo trading

    I'd like to know that to, please. What electives at MFE I should be taking if I want to go algo trading route after graduation?
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    Advanced MySQL Trigger Help

    kdb is super expensive, not something ppl normally use at home, I do not even know the price tag. There is an open source alternative, search this forum.
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    What laptop do you have?

    and if you go to a business meeting .... turn off the led lights, cover up the skull logo with a duct tape... lol Alienware used to be of a poor quality until Dell took them over.