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  • So what is it that you want to know? what a typical day is like - do you mean as a quant or as a structurer or...?
    When you say technology department do you mean IT? Ensuring the corporate network is architected well, backup systems, etc? If so, that's not for me. I think being a quant could be the way to go, but I'm trying to determine the range of positions available to quants, and what the day-to-day lifestyle is. My two passions are, Applied Math (especially computational modeling), and the Media & Technology industry. Think iphones, xbox & zune, real world consumer products that people have an emotional attachment to. I've been looking into MBA programs, but really the business strategy folks don't use as much math as I'd like, and the quant folks are mostly focused on finance and not any particular industry. I hope I'm wrong there, as I'd like to find a balance between quantitative analysis and my ongoing interest in entertainment.
    Hi cstassen, would you mind telling us what a typical day is like? I've just started looking into this profession and think my skills are a good match, if I add on an MFE or MBA in finance. I have a master's in applied math and I've been coding for microsoft the past two years. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
    Hi Yamh

    I actually don't have experience with FX futures (you interchange between future and forward, are you aware of that?), so I don't think I can come with much help. Perhaps if you explain in more detail it is that you want to do precisely?
    Hi Cstassen. How are you. Mate I wanted to know if you were familiar with derivatives pricings, and can help out with this FX futures product, in specific average rate forward contracts that are marked daily-NARC. Say if I were to calculate it for currency pair GBP/USD and settle the difference daily between counter parties? The best I could come up with is this being same as theoretical forward price? Do you have a better suggestion, how is NARC structured and calculated. Appreciated.
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