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  • Hey ganesh here. Got 317. q-163 and v-154. Acads gpa-4 wid no wrk ex .Cud u suggest m some coll fr my score. And cn u also pls share ur experiece abt USE-MFE.
    Dear Allan
    i came across a post on QuantNet that you are heading to USC for MFE fall 2011. Can you please share something(actually anything) about this programme. I could not find sufficient info about this programme. i also have an admit from USC
    I found a group on Likedin. And I contacted one of the MFE class 2010 students, she told me that the opportunity of quant position at LA is limited, but San Francisco maybe better, and the job depends on our own capacity, the program do not guarantee any internship or full-time job. I also found than Andy got a review of USC MFE student, and he said he would put it on later.
    Greetings, I saw in one of your posts that you will be attending USC. Have you found anything about the program. If so could you please share with me any comments or information about the program? Cheers!
    I only found a group named "USC financial engineering" on the linkedin.
    Hi Allan,
    I just checked that You have been admitted to IIT Chicago.
    Even I have been admitted. Can you share your background with me and has the school offered you any scholarship.
    My email id is aki_419@hotmail.com
    Yeah, I got the scholarship of 11K, but I decided to attend USC.
    Hi Dearallan
    i am also MFE aspirant and have applied to a few colleges
    would you mind sharing your profile at vinaygupta52@gmail.com
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