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    Would you buy a Green card ($50k), H1B visa ($10K)?

    to Stefan's earlier point about marrying a US citizen ;] Investigating Marriage Fraud in New York - Do You Take This Immigrant? -
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    Michael Moore - Capitalism : A Love Story

    on the end of poverty: not sure whether it's a commonality with all documentaries these days, but most of them try so hard to to find one party that could be blamed for all of the problems under question. maybe it's just the preview, and the movie itself is more insightful, but to me it felt...
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    UCB MFE MFE Admission

    i hope you're not upset. the main reason for the FAQ link is the fact that is has a ton of useful information conveniently located in one place. best of luck with your application,
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    UCB MFE MFE Admission

    Forum FAQ - QuantNetwork Wiki
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    Michael Moore - Capitalism : A Love Story

    WSJ: Cottage Industry of Filmmakers Targets The Combative Director WSJ had an interesting piece on the topic a few weeks ago, see below. ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT OCTOBER 23, 2009 Michael Moore: A Love Story? Not So Much Michael Moore: A Love Story? Not So Much - FLINT, Mich. --...
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    canceled IB Collegiate Trading Olympiad ...picking up the slack

    i agree with people who mentioned logistical/legal hurdles with this option. Additionally, there's an issue with "why?". It's not like NYC lacks top talent (professional or academic) and people need to go elsewhere to tap it (a la going to Italy to learn landscape painting). if anything, we...
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    They Tried to Outsmart Wall Street

    "This is a crisis caused by business decisions. This isn't the result of pointy-headed guys from fancy schools who didn't understand volatility or correlation." :) thanks, Andy; hopefully, general public will finally start seeing things a bit deeper, through the headlines dominating the media...
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    seed Money

    couple of sources The City recently announced an initiative to launch three seed funds totalling ~$9-10M. NYCEDC is requesting proposals from fund managers and will be structuring the funds for the next few months. The Funds will most likely begin to make investments in the fall of 2009...
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    Choose R or SAS

    re 2), i heard a lot that companies guard notoriously their proprietary information. now imagine a situation when you have a problem/question with your R at work and need some help. you post on one of the open forums, and some dude responds - sure, i'll be happy to help, can you send me your...
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    Brokerages Tighten Hedge Fund Financing

    Also attached. ********************************** BUSINESS FEBRUARY 17, 2009 Brokerages Tighten Hedge Fund Financing By SUSAN PULLIAM and JENNY STRASBURG Brokerage firms are reducing financing and other services to hundreds of hedge funds, in a move that could accelerate the...
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    Mr. Madoff and his Ponzi fund

    HOW CAN YOU MISS THIS???? Madoff fund may have made no trades Published: January 16, 2009 - 1:08 pm (AP) - The investment fund run by disgraced money manager Bernard Madoff may not have made even a single trade, a new twist in the scandal around an alleged $50 billion fraud that has...
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    Christmas and New Year Wishes

    my 2 cents below. best of wishes everybody, may this be a bull year for all of us (and that Vespa Santa doesn't get killed in traffic). dmytro
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    Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S

    there will always be wackos predicting the end of the world (Nostradamus: 2012 series start on History Channel in a few days), so no surprises here. an interesting thing is that the story is being endorsed by the official media. to me it's just another tactic to divert attention from inner...
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    Alternative career after Wall Street

    Crain's article attached. btw, they profiled Tim Sykes in it.
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    Alternative career after Wall Street

    but there may be a moral one, hence the soul selling ;]