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  • Dominic,

    If you have time, I would appreciate your advice in this thread: Which Program in the Meantime - Forum | Quant Network

    Hi DominiConnor,

    I'm a current final year undergrad student. I wish to apply of Master of Financial Engineering programs in UK and US. As there are pretty many rankings for US unis while none for UK. I wish to get some advice from you which UK programs are suitable for me.

    My career goal is to be a quant. however, I knew it might not be realistic for MFEs. My backup plan is to start from Model Validation quant. So for UK programs, which one would you suggest as best programs for me? (if you could provide me with your personal ranking, that would be pefect)

    For Imperial College, I know there is one Master in Mathematics and Finance under Math school, and one Master in Risk Management and FE under business school. Which one do you think is more recoginized from IB front offices points of view?

    Also for LSE, would you suggest it ? which program is good ?

    Thank you very much.

    Hi Dominic

    I'm trying to find out more about HFT, i.e. the desired skill set, how fast are the algos (is < 1 milisecond algos just background noise?), how long does it take to set up a hft strategy, what kind of technology do this guys use etc.
    I would be grateful for any info.
    I'm almost sure you talked about it on QuantNet, but couldn't find it in your posts.

    My questions come more from research point of view (think academia), than trying to break into the business.
    I work as a researcher at MBS. You can contact me at anton.golub@mbs.ac.uk.
    Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

    Best regards

    Hello Dominic:

    I am beginning to apply for jobs now, and am interested in your opinion and you helping me if I meet your criteria. I would prefer to do CQF or an MFE starting next September but I would be interested in getting a job first. I am graduating with my PHD in Computational Analysis and Modeling, albeit not from a "top 10 college" or any such thing. Please advice if you prefer. Thank you.
    Hi Mr.connor,
    I have been offered a place at MSOR at Columbia inplace of my application for MSFE.
    I am curious abt the employability of someone who is Indian after graduating with from course.I prefer a quant role . What are the chances?
    If not what sort of industry and Profile can i expect to work in after graduation?
    It would be very helpful if you can throw some light on my questions or direct me to someone who can.

    Thanks in Advance
    dear Mr Connor

    I got admit offer from Imperial College London for their MSc Risk Management and Fin. Engg. course, but I really cannot decide weater to go for it. My concerns are (i) I am not sure if 12 months course would be suitable to prepare me for a front office type IB job, since my back ground is not finance(I am an elec. engineer) and I do not have relevent work ex (ii) the UK economy is sluggish and may not recover a lot in 1 year, so job opportunities might be pretty limited. I wanted to know if my concerns are valid. Also please share your opinion about this course and about its career prospects.

    I will be looking forward to your reply.

    Sourabh (sourabh.chowdhury@gmail.com)
    hi i have completed my chartered accountancy i am also doing CFA USA and i am interested in doing Financial Engineering please help me the steps that i should take to get myself in this field currently
    Hi Dominic,
    I am an engineering student . I have aspirations of becoming a quant. Due to the current market turbulance people around me have started discouraging me to take that up. I would like to take your suggestion as to whether I should apply for MFE or no. My main concern is that after 3 years when I graduate from an FE school will there be a demand for quants?

    Awaiting your reply eagerly . Your reply will shape my career.

    Please reply me at rahul.dhamecha7@gmail.com
    Hello Dominic,
    Can I please get a copy of your guide? I have already sent you a CV.
    My email is nicolas.quant@gmail.com
    Best regards,
    Hi. Here is my CV. I hope you'll send me the book to stassen@c.dk. Thank you. (it looks kinda ugly as the forum wouldn't accept my resume in standard version)

    Curriculum Vitae

    Educational Experience:

    2008-2009: MFin Student at Princeton University
    Present: Graduate student in Economics at University of Copenhagen, with a focus on finance, econometrics and macroeconomics.
    2007: B.Sc. Economics, GPA of 11 (top 0.2% of my class).
    2006: Summer school stay at London School of Economics.
    2006-: Followed extra courses at the Department of Mathematics in mathematical real analysis, differential equations, measure theory, statistics, econometrics and finance.
    Educational Awards:

    2007: “McKinsey Undergraduate Student of the Year”, a prize for highest undergraduate GPA.
    2007: “Universum Econ Student of the Year”, elected 1st among all applying Danish econ students.
    Professional Experience:

    Summer 08: Summer Analyst at Goldman Sachs’ Securities Division (London)
    Present: Analyst, North Sea Capital A/S (private equity firm). Assignments include Monte Carlo simulations of firm profits, building econometric models for returns etc.
    2006-: Teaching Assistant, in microeconomics at the Department of Economics, micro- and macroeconomics at the Department of Mathematics and macroeconomics and finance at Copenhagen Business School.
    2005-2006: Research Assistant, Danish Ministry of Finance, 4th office. Assignments included estimating the effect of various financial policy proposals.
    2004-2005: Research Assistant, Finance Research Unit, University of Copenhagen. Assignments included creation of a new measure of human capital and developing a house price database.
    Extra-Curricular Activities:

    2008: Participant in the McKinsey “Euroacademy 2008” – an academy for “future leaders”
    2007: Active in the “Tutor”-program, introducing new students to the university.
    2004-2006: Active in the “Mentor”-program, helping international students accommodate to Danish ways of living. I was in the board of activities.
    2007: Participant in the Department Of Economics development economics field trip (to Uganda).
    2003-2005: Active in “DanishCancerFoundation”, organizing Christmas events for children hit by cancer.
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