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    wall street to cut 80,000 jobs

    These students must be the kids of corrupt government officials or corrupt businessmen who don't pay their taxes. These guys have lot of money(imagine you pay $200 USD to get a driving license) These guys can't show any $$$ in their bank account when they go to US consulate for student visa...
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    wall street to cut 80,000 jobs

    How many students do that? Only a stupid family will agree to this. Economy is booming in India and there are jobs everywhere for engineering/science graduates. Those who get such loans must be greedy.
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    UCLA MFE What do you think of UCLA's full time placement

    21% found employment in HK. So, if you want to work in HK goto UCLA
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    The top female quants

    here is a female trader
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    Purdue - Computational Finance

    Purdue is just two hours drive from Chicago.
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    Applied Math PhD + Sr. Engineer in Modeling @ Raytheon, with 2.3 Undergrad GPA

    If you don't live in NY/NJ/CT area no recruiter will take you seriously.
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    For-Profit Colleges Mislead Students, Report Finds

    This is really true. When I came to US for work I bought a new car for $20K within a week on borrowed money. Later I realized I am paying 10% interest. Got a credit card in week. The headhunter who brought me to US paid my apartment security deposit, so I stayed in a luxury apartment. Finally...
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    For-Profit Colleges Mislead Students, Report Finds

    These days they deduct it from your pay check. A friend of mine with student loan worked as a consultant for wall street banks for few years after college. As soon as he converted to full-time employee of a bank, they started deducting his student loans. HR said they can't do anything.
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    For-Profit Colleges Mislead Students, Report Finds

    Want to know how this student loan program started? You have to blame the Russians.
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    Living in NY

    live in Hoboken or Pavonia/Newport. It is just 10 minutes from NYU
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    NYC temporal/visit accommodations

    check craigslist. you can stay in hoboken or newport areas also. .they are just 10 minutes from baruch or nyu
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    UCB MFE UCB MFE numbers for 2010 - Fake and Unethical?

    So, only 5 (frustrated) guys don't believe the numbers.
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    How Goldman gambled on starvation

    it affected the house prices in the US
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    threading question

    thread 1 is blocking on join(), so obviously it is waiting for thread 2 to die. Take a look at ACE . You will know how to do it.