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    Starting a hedge fund.

    What products does the fund plan to trade in?
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    Hey, are you taking the Probability Seminar also?

    Hey, are you taking the Probability Seminar also?
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    New Quantnet forum software

    I have to agree. I think the new layout and functionality add value. But the previous background (or any other dark background) is much easier on the eyes for extended reading. Some iOS developers get this, for the example, on the Bloomberg App for IPhones and IPads, the default background is...
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    Financial analyst - opinions?

    But if they are really making stuff up, how long could they possibly last? At the very least, they have to add value a decent amount of the time, otherwise, institutional investors, who are probably a bit more sophisticated than in your scenario, would stop buying on this analysts...
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    Financial analyst - opinions?

    I think that if this is your attitude toward the role, then it is most probably not an appropriate fit for you. In my opinion, an analyst can be very good and add value, but this obviously is not always the case. (Just in the case of money managers, while the average money manager might not...
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    Black Swans of 2011 ?

    Yup, you guys are right, Apple buying netflix is, at least now, most definitely not a Black swan in the strict sense. Gleacher Co. analyst says Apple should buy Netflix | New Mexico Business Weekly
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    mfe hopes from low tier undergrad

    I don't think the brand of your undergraduate school is going to significantly impact your chances. If you have a very strong GPA in an appropriate major, strong test scores, and you communicate that you were in an honors program on full scholarship I think you should be fine.
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    mfe hopes from low tier undergrad

    Rutgers? For the record I think Rutgers is a fine school, just curious.
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    gre score

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    Black Swans of 2011 ?

    Apples not going to buy facebook. Unless Steve Jobs dies, Tim Cook leaves, and someone clueless becomes CEO. Apple has been relying on content and consumer devices to derive immediate revenue. They have always been prudent and strategic with acquisitions. The day they buy facebook is the day I...
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    Baruch MFE How to take courses without taking the MFE program?

    This might be of interested to you: Do you want to learn Stat Arb/Quant Trading?
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    PhD is a waste of time

    Id be interested to see how much the premiums are for business and financial PhD's.
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    Interview Questions at JPMorgan Sales and Trading

    :D This made me laugh.
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    Interview Questions at JPMorgan Sales and Trading

    I'm lazy about the math so I'm going to be honest and tell you I didn't think through your infinite sum, but according to wikipedia the PV of a perpetuity with continuous compounding is (\frac{A}{e^r-1}) If you want we...
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    Interview Questions at JPMorgan Sales and Trading

    That was a point I was trying subtly (or rather not so subtly) to get at earlier.