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    Football season

    What a day for Jets!
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    LinkedIn to file for IPO

    While LI is filing for IPO, Facebook is suspected to circumvent the so-called 500-shareholder rule. Interesting...
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    Quantnet Best-selling quant Books of 2010

    Nice thread, Andy! This compiled list of best selling books seems reasonable to me. After all, among the top 10, I bought 7 of them for self-study, which are 1,2,4,5,7,8,10; For the rest 15, I have only 3. In fact the primer book and its solutions from Dr. Dan Stefanica are the...
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    How would you rate the relevance of those courses to FE field

    I don't think that the calculus course covered most of the materials as you pointed out. Basically it provided an intro to ODE and several classical methods to solve the ODE. I will bear this in mind and thanks for your comment.
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    How would you rate the relevance of those courses to FE field

    I'd like to select several math courses this spring semester to prepare myself well for the application of the MFE program. Here are some candidates: 1. ODE: It would cover first order equations, second and nth order linear equations, series solutions, solution by Laplace transform, systems...
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    The Coming Glut of Financial Engineers

    Very informative and thanks for sharing!
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    visa problem

    At least you can start with your OPT if the visa policy keeps unchanged in the next 5 years, lol.
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    Baruch MFE Merry Christmas and questions about the Pre-program courses

    I'd like to take the pre-program courses at Baruch but since I am not located at NYC, it is really troublesome for me to move to NYC to attend the courses (requesting vacation from my boss, finding temporary apartment and so on). Recently I have found similar courses are offered at Berkeley and...
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    Happy Holidays to all Quantnet members

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year to every quantnet member!
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    Ex-SocGen trader found guilty of copying HFT code

    I am not quite familiar with the criminal law but is that ok if Samarth printed the code before he accepted his new offer at Tower Research Capital LLC hedge fund? Or as a practitioner, we should never work/study code at home?
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    NYU MSMF N.Y.U. Plans to Expand Campuses by 40 Percent

    Just curious whether the expansion would help boost its university ranking next year at the USNEWS;)
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    The Pre-MFE Program at Baruch College

    Since some applicants may not attend the seminars due to the lack of online option, is it possible for the program to put all the slides and related materials online, similar to MIT OCW, for us to make it up? That would be of great help.
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    HPC : Top 500 supercomputer List.

    Similar with Stefan, I also used HPC several times in the academic research. Just wonder is it common to apply this techniques in quant field or high frequency computing is more related?
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    Baruch MFE Any recommended book for self-study of Stochastic process

    Thanks,Anthony and ysmith.:D Any input from the admission committee ?
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    Baruch MFE Any recommended book for self-study of Stochastic process

    I check the thread "Master reading list for quants, MFE students" and there are some math related books, such as Dr.Dan Stefanica's book, A Primer for the Mathematics of Financial Engineering (+ Solutions Manual). So for preparing the MFE program purpose, do we need read any other book...