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    How to proceed with coding this trading application

    Put a thread on the db you want to watch.
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    How to proceed with coding this trading application

    Here is a 'road map' you need: - Pick one programming language: C++ with Qt, or Java, or Python. Go learn them inside out. - Learn relational databases. You need this do design your databases. - Learn how you can make your selected programming language work with MySQL. You need to know all these...
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    How to proceed with coding this trading application

    Because you want to do a web application, you need backend and frontend thing. For the backend part, Java/C/C++ plus MySQL should be something in your toolbox. Obviously you can't avoid multithreaded programming thing here. You said you would work with historical data, so data feeds/APIs things...
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    C++ Book

    Because you want to learn C++ from the ground up, you should learn the language inside out first. Knock something like "best books for quants or mathematical point of view", etc. off for the moment. This is a good list for your reference: 1) Absolute C++/Problem Solving with C++ by Walter...
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    Want some advice on current study

    Because you are an international student, you must keep your immigration status in good standing all the time. If you quit your program, you only have 3 months to stay legally before you find your H1B sponsor or you will have to leave the country. So stay in school and look for a job unless you...
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    Free ebook and video - Today only

    Programming Interview Questions | CareerCup Take a 5-minute survey and get a free ebook and video for coding interviews. It says 'today only' so please act fast!
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    What book to study from after Absolute C++

    "C++ How to Program" is a pretty good book in my opinion. But it's long and some of its problems are quite hard. "Absolute C++" is a better option for a novice.
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    Looking for a C++ project to get involved

    Thank you, Max. There are many open-source projects, but choosing a suitable one to get involved does not seem easy at all. A lot of them have not been updated lately, yet they are still floating on the web.
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    Looking for a C++ project to get involved

    Hello everyone. I am looking for a C++ project to get involved. Do you know where I can find such projects on the Internet? I have been googling but the outcomes are not yet satisfactory :wall. Thanks.
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    A guide to job hunting during interesting times

    cannot open it, something wrong with the PDF file.
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    Visual C++ 2008 Question

    Put cout << endl; system("PAUSE"); before return 0; It should work for you.
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    Anyone using SAS ?

    Resources to help you learn and use SAS There are good SAS tutorials and other cool stuff about statistical computing.
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    OR PhD and master's for FE

    I don't major in physics so I have no idea how competitive they may be w/ respect to FE. From what I am doing I can say that operations research has many applications to FE. Linear, integer, dynamic, and stochastic programmings are among many great things you may wish to have in your toolbox...
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    New Quantnet members say hi

    Greetings to all. It's a beautiful Sunday today. The sky is clear and blue. There is a lot of sunshine and the temperature is around 60s. It's a perfect day for outdoor activities, yet I am sitting here in my bedroom to write my very first message in this forum :D. So I guess you know the reason...