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    Courses before MFE

    hello all, I am just returning here for mode advice from you guys. Now I am considering taking one of the following courses, but due to some reasons, I can't take both at the same time. One is PDE, the other is numerical analysis. I know PDE is a fundamental course for FE, it's better to have it...
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    How PDE is applied in FE?

    Hey Guys, I am not sure if I am posting in the right place;) I am so glad that I can ask question regarding to FE stuff here. Thank you in advance for your reply. I am studying PDE by myself before getting into FE program. My math background is that I took Calculus 1 2 3, linear algebra...
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    EXCLUSIVE: Free Amazon book for Quantnet members

    thank you for the book and hope benefit more people
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    Baruch MFE Class schedule

    Hi all, I'm new here. Got a question. It seems to me that the program offers most of the courses during the evening, right? Does this flexible schedule allow any student to work part time internship? Thanks