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  • Hi John,
    Do you have a pdf copy of Implementing Derivative Models by Les Clewlow, Chris Strickland..?
    Please do share with me if you have a softcopy of this book.. or you can send it to my mail : hieveryone09@gmail.com
    plz help me...

    sorry, don't have a copy. These are copyrighted anyway.
    Hi John,

    I just saw your answer to the " CFA "and "FRM" questions. You mentioned that "Lot's of people working in WS don't neccesarily have a quant background, so expect a good # of corporate finance questions. "

    I am interested if graduate dont have quant, is there any way to work in the IB area ? I know some ppl work in the IB but didnt take CFA test .

    Thank you so much !

    You really don't need a quant background to work in the IBD (investment banking division). It usually deals with M&A and capital raising activities. CFA is really applicable for investment management or buyside shops. Not really investment banking.
    At your stage, don't focus so much on CFA if you want to work in IBD. There are really two paths to IBD: Top MBA programs ( an internationally focus MBA like INSEAD is great BTW) or a couple good internship experiences. Network like crazy, but in a systematic way. Studying and passing CFA exams will provide just a minor boost to your IBD ambitions.
    Hi, i've got the same problem as this guy:
    "Hey everyone, while I read lots of articles about this topic I have never found anything that really shows the mathematics, when calculating default correlation using the copula. Li's paper shows how he got his formula yet I really need to know how to use it with actual numbers, does that make sense? I hope you can help me, its pretty urgent. Any help is appreciated"

    Really need help for this as my project in my honors program in financial engineering.
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