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Recent content by kwlmy

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    Georgia Tech Master's in machine learning vs GT QFE

    If you ask questions like that, it means that you haven't done your research, and you have no independence. Therefore, you won't get in.
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    Why MBAs get all the gold??

    To move up the corporate ladder, you need to know the right people and have them advocating you. This applies to all industries and companies.
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    Alternatives to careers in quant finance

    An alternative: http://money.cnn.com/2014/08/28/investing/ben-wu-dota-video-games/index.html?sr=fb083114videogamejob1pstorylink
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    Best Laptop for MFE Students

    Has anyone got any experience with Lenovo X1 Carbon (the 2nd generation 2014 model)? Any opinions?
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    When learning C++ what did you find difficult?

    You'll always be learning even after you have spent years or decades programming.
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    When learning C++ what did you find difficult?

    Main difficulty is fully expressing yourself using the language i.e. make good software.
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    Graduate school advice

    If you want to do a PhD, remove the unnecessary and focus on the essentials. The first step is to first ask yourself if you really like doing research in a particular field (subareas of finance, sciences, whatever). To get an idea on what research is like, look at the research program...
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    University of Chicago Singapore MSFM

    Policies concerning the hiring of foreigners in Singapore are changing in recent times: http://www.efinancialnews.com/story/2014-04-03/singapore-talent-war-intensifies-as-immigration-curbs-kick-in?ea9c8a2de0ee111045601ab04d673622
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    Listening to music while studying??

    Frank Zappa's Cosmik Debris
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    Usefulness of Computational (not Computer) Science Programs as a "quant" Ph.D

    Computational sciences (in fluid/solid mechanics, chemistry, earth sciences, physics, etc.) have existed long before specialized programs like the ones you listed become formal. In that regard, they are not really new.
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    Boston MSMFT Boston University Mathematical Finance PhD

    Frankly, doing a PhD is hard in any school.
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    What programs do you think will I be accepted by?

    Apply and let the dice fall where it may.
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    What PhD is Most Relevant for a Low-Frequency Quant Hedge Fund?

    Forget about all the after-PhD plans. If you are serious about doing a PhD, think about what research area you think you want (and can) to do, and then apply to the relevant program. Then see what you get and make your decision. The rest is too uncertain to think about, simply from the fact that...
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    PhD in Information System or Computer Science

    A PhD program is about doing research. Choose your program based on your research interests instead of what lies after your PhD.
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    Quit Phd?

    Life is hard no matter which path you choose.