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Recent content by Li

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    publications from the Journal of Trading, etc.

    Attached are some published papers from very applied journals, such as the Journal of Trading, the Journal of Investing, the Journal of Portfolio Management.
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    Regarding the links given in the ppt

    Vineet, which article are you trying to read? Let me know and I will try Columbia University library (E-journals).
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    PHOTO: QuantNet Central Park Summer 07 Picnic

    Chris, is there anything I can help to prepare the picnic? I can be there early. Li
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    Username change request thread

    I realize that I should change my username "ls047216" to my real name " LI". Thanks for the message, and please help. Li Sun MFE 2005
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    New Quantnet members say hi

    Hi all, My name is Li, and this is my fourth semester in the MFE program. A CFA level III candidate, I am preparing for a career in equity research and portfolio management.