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Recent content by Manos Makrakis

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    Has anyone seen a fly on their screens?

    You need to switch your mouse pointer icon to the fly swatter one and try again ! :D
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    C++ Online Programming Cert Testimonials

    I am very pleased to have received today the C++ for financial engineering certificate. Andy Nguyen Daniel Duffy and Baruch.MFE thank you all for a very enjoyable and highly rewarding experience. Thanks also to all TAs who help out to make this an easier experience. Happy ride to all who start...
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    So I created this software...

    The only thing that can fit into the definition of prop is when somebody trades using his own or his firm's own money instead of using customer money (i.e. acting on agency capacity). Nothing more than that should be implied using that term alone.
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    Why I Am Leaving Goldman Sachs

    Had he been fired or even let go, Goldman Sachs PR would have already published it. They would have had every reason to do it.
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    2012 Resolution: Start Coding Again

    And in case you were still not sure if you should sign up, this should convince you ... New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg takes coding course. I am not a Bloomberg user, but are things THAT bad with the terminal? :ROFLMAO:
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    Recruitment agencies asking for resume in word format.

    The possibility of a recruiter modifying my resume without my knowledge in some weird fashion or without prior agreement with me hadn't occurred to me, thus pdf vs doc was the least of my worries. I don't see what the purpose of this might be.
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    Recruitment agencies asking for resume in word format.

    All of the recruitment agencies I have worked with, want resumes in Word format (as opposed to pdf for example) so that it's editable. Some reasons might be so that they can put their firm's letterhead and/or do some basic anonymization when they present somebody for the first time to an...
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    What books are you currently reading?

    The fabric of the cosmos by Brian Greene. Extra fascinating, highly recommended.
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    How to buy bonds in the primary market

    Your question is a bit generic and not well defined so I may not give you the answer you might be expecting. But assuming you are referring to plain vanilla corporate bonds, the underwriters (and not just any institution) who are responsible for selling the bonds to the public in the primary...
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    Wow! A lot of new laptops have come out!

    Ah a notebook from Google? Cool . Wonder if this is the final version or still beta... :D
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    Wow! A lot of new laptops have come out!

    So you are arguing that the reason for MS dominance in the industry in the desktop arena is because of its user friendliness? If that were the case then Macs should be on everybody's desk if not under it as well. What's more user friendly than a computer with a mouse with only one button?:D...
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    Wow! A lot of new laptops have come out!

    reformatting windows every 6 months so it works well in 2-3 years? how about upgrading windows for workgroups 3.11 to windows 7 to address that? The defacto desktop standard in the industry is MS based OSs. You can choose to run MacOS for your own enjoyment if you wish but you won't be coming...
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    Wow! A lot of new laptops have come out!

    You also had voodoopc back then but I think HP bought those as well. Are there any reputable privately owned custom made ones these days like Alienware and voodoopc used to be?
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    Wow! A lot of new laptops have come out!

    You should post the Macs under furniture-ware . Few beat them in design. Is it my impression or have the Alienware ones dropped substantially in price after Dell bought the company? Haven't looked into them since they were independent.
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    Username change request thread

    Andy, can you please change mine to Manos Makrakis. Thx