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    Attilio Meucci - 2010 Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management

    Any idea if this course will ever be available in other cities? I'm just curious. I plan to attend it in August, unless they're planning on one in Chicago.
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    The rise of Python!

    I'm not sure if these Python courses are any good, but I'll post them anyway: http://www.enthought.com/training/open-courses.php I believe I first heard about this company through Quantnet. I was considering taking the quant one, but I was relocated (there was a session in NYC summer 2009).
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    The rise of Python!

    I'm a big proponent of Python, and I've seen it used in some really cool applications. Alain mentioned all of the big-ticket advantages. I'll add the open source aspect of it, because I like being able to look into the code to see how things are implemented...usually a great way to get a more...
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    MSc Finance -Illinois Tech (IIT)

    I am planning to apply to IIT's Math Finance program for the fall. It's main draw is the location (downtown Chicago) and the fact that the U Chicago program is one year full time only. The IIT course structure seems fairly strong, with enough elective choices to help you specialize if you...
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    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    I honestly have no idea. Any ranking is very subjective, and I wouldn't consider the courses at the 11-15 schools "bad". What makes a program weak or strong is its job placement record, just like any MBA or other professional graduate program. I would imagine the benefit to going to school in...
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    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    It doesn't matter, really. You have a good background and anyone here will tell you to simply apply and see where it gets you. Or contact the directors of some of the programs, introduce yourself, and ask them about your background. They can give you a much better indication of your chances...
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    Pre-trade market impact models

    Thanks all for the info. This is a great start.
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    Pre-trade market impact models

    Can anyone recommend any interesting reading (research papers, books) that have good coverage on pre-trade market impact models? I did not find any relevant posts (though I did try a search).
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    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    All schools are different. It certainly won't hurt your chances. Esp passing CFA level 3...that shows a lot of committment.
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    FE programs - not in the limelight

    As for your question on weather derivatives...it seems like this is a growing area, often working in conjunction with gas/power traders. In fact, many energy desks employ meteorogists now. I'm not sure what sort of classes they would offer for this specialization, but it seems pretty cool.
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    Resume Advice

    Just have a copy in each format. But I think most jobs will prefer 'doc' or some other text format, so they can scan them and look for keywords.
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    Career Dilemma

    If you are not good at math, and you have no programming experience, it would probably require a lot of work to get up to speed for an FE program. Not that learning Japanese is easy, it just seems like--given the current circumstances--you'll maximize your chances of getting employment by...
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    FE and Work Experience

    I agree with bigbadwolf. If you have a job now, count yourself lucky. You can use your time now to catch up on some pre-reqs at a local school (or online), brush up on your multivariable calculus, etc.
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    Series Exams

    It may show interest but the belief is you need to be sponsored by a company in order to take it: How do I receive sponsorship from a member firm...? I agree that any certification you can take "shows interest". Whether or not they turn out to be a waste of time is the real question. But...
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    A new use for calculus

    http://news.yahoo.com/s/livescience/20080727/sc_livescience/wormsdocalculustofindfood;_ylt=AnMrCAXbtsxB5GAPByc1Ip6s0NUE I found this interesting...for anyone who ever told us we'd never use calculus in the real world...