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    Does anybody know where to get free minute bar FX data?

    You can get it from Dukascopy, TrueFX, Oanda.
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    Top Quant Schools 2012 (Advanced Trading) Note that two nominated schools (Harvard, Wharton) don't even have a quant/FE program - they kicked them to Honorable Mentions (among with Baruch FYI). Prestige is the main game in finance.
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    Algorithmic and High frequency trading

    Institutional investors have packed their bags and left for dark pools long time ago. Unless one runs a DP or can have a peek in it, it is very unlikely you can "front-run"(-very loose description) institutional trades. Internalizing retail orders was quite an profitable business while ago (and...
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    ARIMA model to forecast a stock price

    Are you a finance PhD student? Is Eugene Fama your supervisor?
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    Demand Slows For H1B Visas

    UK ditched Tier 1 visas (Highly Skilled Migrant visa), and Tier 2 is massively reduced! Keep that in mind if you plan to go to school there.
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    Speculation trading book

    The OP is probably referring to Crabels' book; Day Trading With Short Term Price Patterns and Opening Range Breakout .
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    Terminal Vs. Immediate Payoff for a Barrier

    The second one will be twice as valuable.
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    Madison Ave is next hiring ground for aspiring quants

    Seriously Andy, you are too "business"* lately...TraderJoe was referring to hot females! *In fact, I suggest you change your occupation from Business Dev to just Business :D.
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    Clamping Down on Rapid Trades in Stock Market

    Bob, this kind of abusive behavior should be taken care of by SEC/Finra with one phone call. They have the data, and they can easily find out who was the idiot-quant trader that thinks this is a way to "provide liquidity" . If regulators are not competent enough to stop it, they should subscribe...
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    Any good book on Machine Learning?

    Your mentor suggested a really good book; if you think you're going to stick with the subject/company for longer than, say, 6 months, you should definitely dig deeper into the book. And, there's actually no "heavy-handed math" in it.
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    Rogue Trader Lost $2B at UBS

    Maybe they had the same risk management guy/gal as Lehman;). Ouch, yes they did; UBS rouge trade deals blow to new risk boss
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    High Frequency Trading/Research Platform

    Is available at: OlsenRoutes. Yes, it's free. Enjoy.
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    S&P Downgrade Effects

    I hope someone can help me with the following; as far as I understand there are conditions on what kind of paper mutual/money market funds are allowed to have and what is acceptable as collateral in repos, reverses etc., implying that there should be a sell-off on Monday. Yet this came out from...
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    British Universities, facing HUGE cuts, plan tuition increase

    The thing is CDT program funds only UK/EU PhD students, meaning that the guys from China, India and Eastern Europe, the ones that actually go for these PhDs, don't get a penny.