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  • Hello Mudit,

    This is regarding the Subject GRE Math Test. I m a fall09 mfe aspirant & saw ur thread on the same. It was a bit late when i found that gre math sub test score is compulsory for some universities. Nevertheless, I registered for the exam & will be appearing for it on Nov 8. Unfortunately, I am not able to catch hold of any resources which are good enough to help me prepare for the test. Its too late for me to order any book online since by the time the book will reach me, I will reach my test date. I am from India, so can u plz suggest some other books which will cover all the topics and r easily available in Indian bookstores, or it would be of great help if could just list down all the topics comprehensively which might be there in the contents list of Princeton or REA, so that it would be somewhat easier for me to find particular tutorials on net or some other related books. I was also thinking of one more option, you might just want to sell ur books to me once ur test is over; this will give me at least 2 weeks to prepare which is absolutely more than no weeks of preparation. I am just trying to find out possible ways to solve my terrible problem. :smt100

    thanks & regards
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