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  • Hey nikhil below is my profile . In understand you had gotten through Boston. I need to know what colleges i should apply as a safe bet .
    GRE- 800Q 580V
    Education- BE in Computer Science from BIT,Mesra(India) - First Class
    DEC 2011 CFA L1 candidate
    Programming Skills
    - C ,C++(in High School and College),Java, PL SQL,MATLAB
    Experience - 2yrs in the IT department of a big Inv Bank
    hi nikhil, just out of curiosity..why didn't u apply to ucla or included it in ur gmat applicable mfe list?
    hey Nikhil,
    I was looking at the tracker and came across ur GMAT score..thats a realy good score..congrats!
    could u plz guide me..how did u go about preparing for the quant section?
    i cant seem to get my score above 45 for quant :(
    Hi Nikhil, glad to kno u made it to CMU! Wud u mind sharing ur profile?
    Hi nikhil! did you interview with CMU? Any idea of what they ask during these interviews?
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