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    So, no one saw this coming eh?

    Jim Rogers has been predicting many of the same things for 5 or 6 years. FWIW.
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    Which carreer is better ? actuary or FE ?

    Quants vs. actuaries Soapbox: Paul Wilmott: Actuaries versus quants Paul Wilmott says quantitative egotists could learn much from actuaries 1 Oct 2008 Those working in the fields of actuarial science and quantitative finance have not always been totally appreciative of each others' skills...
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    Is there a Low Stress Quant job?

    Risk management work You might want to consider Risk Management work. I would assume some of the Risk Management/Actuarial firms have a presence in your geographic area. Firms such as: Towers Perrin Wyatt Watson Worldwide Aon Mercer. After looking at their websites it seems they are...
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    Are we headed for an Epic bear market?

    Big in Japan Squeeze means bonds are big in Japan By David Oakley andGillian Tett Published: September 18 2007 03:00 | Last updated: September 18 2007 03:00 Banks are increasingly turning to Japan to raise debt as the credit squeeze in Europe and the US forces them to look to Asia to issue...
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    Are we headed for an Epic bear market?

    My 2 cents. Hi all, After re-reading my posts I didn't realize quite how doomsday-ish I must have sounded. I still believe many premises of the article, but I don't believe the sky is falling. If the dollar falls lower and inflation rises, commodity prices will go up. There will probably...
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    Are we headed for an Epic bear market?

    Future of financial Engineering Naeron, I hope more people read this article, I think it's very informative about the future of Financial Engineering. If it's premises are correct, it seem a lot of derivatives were engineered to create "Third Class Money". It seems there will be a...
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    Are we headed for an Epic bear market?

    Are we headed for an epic bear market? The credit bubble is just starting to unwind, a credit-derivative insider says. And while U.S. borrowers are being blamed for the mess, they were really just pawns in a global game. By Jon Markman Satyajit Das is laughing. It appears I have said...
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    Tim Sykes - An American hedge Fund

    But Cilantro has suffered major losses, and in his new book, "An American Hedge Fund," Sykes slams the market, writing: "I would like to thank the thousands of inept corporate management teams, shady brokers, boiler rooms, stock promoters, market manipulators . . . for your endless scheming and...
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    Dollar Declines to Record Low Versus Euro Before Fed Meeting

    "Repatriation" of US dollars I've read that there is a lot of money that has been made in the Global economy, Particularly China and Petrodollars, about 4 trillion dollars in wealth. They are looking to diversify these holdings. It's mainly in US dollars and US treasuries. I read they are...
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    Rogers, Faber say Fed Rate Cut will spur a recession.

    Jim Rogers I have a lot of respect for Jim Rogers' opinion. I've read a lot about him, watch his TV appearances, read his articles, and read 2 of his books. As with Faber, He's rarely wrong, his timing is usually off though. Paul
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    Rogers, Faber say Fed Rate Cut will spur a recession.

    Rogers, Faber Say Fed Rate Cuts Will Spur a Recession By Carol Massar and Michael Patterson Enlarge Image/Details Sept. 18 (Bloomberg) -- Interest rate cuts by Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke will spur inflation, cause the U.S. dollar to collapse and help push the world's largest...
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    Tim Sykes - An American hedge Fund

    Tim Sykes Tim, I'm glad you posted on this board. I found you very interesting on Wall Street Warriors, that's why I brought up the topic of your book. Paul
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    Tim Sykes - An American hedge Fund

    I just heard Tim Sykes, the start-up hedge fund guy from Wall Street Warriors, has written a book and it's coming out in October. I think it's called "An American hedge Fund" or something like that. I was checking out the forums at the Elite website and I heard about it. <iframe...
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    Remembering 9/11

    9/11 I was in Atlanta working at Cox Communications. I was using headphones to listen to the radio while I was working. I remember hearing about the plane hitting the first building, and everybody thinking it was an accident. Then after the second plane hit it was a whole different...
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    Linear Algebra

    course descriptions I'm going to attempt to attach a word document with the course descriptions. The regular Linear Algebra course seem like the correct course. The course with the more "advanced" prereq's seem like it's geared toward overly academic math majors. Even though Financial...