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  • hey Vic,
    i graduated from Baruch with a major in Finance and Investment and i passed CFA level 1 and just took level 2 ( still waiting for the result :P). i am currently working at JPMorgan. Now, I am thinking if i should go for the MBA. do you mind sharing why you want to go for MFE? what's your opinion on MBA vs MS in MFE?
    in addition, my another concern will be the GRE. the requirement is 760+ for the MFE at Baruch. i wonder if i should do the GRE first , then take the classes i case i couldn't get 760+ on the GRE. have you done the GRE yet?
    Hi Tiffy,

    What's your educational/work background? Assuming that you have taken Calc I before and know/can pick up c++, I think you can take the pre-reqs in 2 semesters.

    Sign up for Calc II and Linear Algebra next semester. Then take Calc based probability (you need calc II for it) and C++ in Spring. If you feel the need, you could take ODE over the Summer next year.
    Also, bear in mind that you won't be able to take all the pre-reqs at Baruch. Calc based probability, for example, is only offered during the day.

    Taking classes after work is tough but I guess thats the nature of the beast. There isn't a way around it.

    Let me know which classes you are planning to take. I have done a fair bit of research and would be happy to share my findings.

    - Vic
    hi Vic,
    how long does it take you to fullfill all the pre-requisite classes for the MFE at Baruch? i just found out about this MFE at Baruch, i wish i could take all the pre-requsite in one year. hoever, i don't think that's possible because i work full-time. do you mind sharing your experience with me?
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