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  • Hi Rajan. I plan to apply for MFE June '17 at NTU, Singapore. I liked the course contents and it has a fine balance of math background(Stochal) and programming(C++). The last trimester of the course is at CMU. I am working through Mark Joshi's reading list... I would like to reach out to you for some tips on pre-MFE preparation. Do you have an e-mail or phone. My number is +91-8433807305.
    Got done with my surgery. A 3.5 hour surgery. I hope a new life starts today....
    dude you have like 4 years left. when you get into an undergrad you should explore various degrees first.
    Hey I saw you were accepted into Baruch, I'm interested in what your background looks like, I'll be starting my undergrad in a year and hope to get into Baruch in the future
    Rajan, thanks for replying. I'm new to using these forums. I assumed I would receive an email once you posted but the system didn't alert me. So apologies for the delayed response. I looked for your recent postings and did not find your notes. Am I missing something?

    Thanks for sharing your notes.


    I came across yours regarding Stefanica's NLA Notes. I am currently self-studying to either take the Pre-MFE course (@ Baruch) and/or better prepare myself for other advanced online courses. Would you kindly share your notes, assuming they can be shared? If so, let me know if email, fax or mail is best and I can drop another line regarding contact info. -- Thanks in advance, Cynthia
    hey cynthia. yea i don't mind sharing the notes. most of the notes i have are hard copies. i recall him giving out notes on the first lecture. i do have that somewhere in my computer, i will post it tomorrow morning. good luck studying...
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