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  • Hi rawger, I noticed that you've completed ur MSF from IIT - Stuart. I was wondering if you could tell me more abt the program and the university. How's the placements there(I heard its really bad and they dont have any career service). At any point did u regret joining IIT? It'll be great if you could help me with this. really need some senior/alumnus to help me out with it. Thanks
    I havn't got any admisssions other than this .....In texas itz jus M.S finance if you want i will jus give their course contents

    Core Courses
    1.Financial Management
    2.Investment Seminar
    3.Advanced Security Analysis
    4.Applied Eco&Financial Forecasting
    5.Financial Markets Instruments&Institutions
    6.International Business Finance
    7.Statistical Methods
    8.Applied Business Research


    International Economic Prblems
    Managerial Economics
    Monetary theory
    Macro theory&practice
    Economics for Public policy
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