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Recent content by richard Godfrei

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    Need some advice on career

    What other information would you like to know about me? I am surprised to know that there aren't many talented Excel Vba programmers in the industry. when you say "There is a path into the kind of finance that would value your skills, but I don't know enough about you to call it a better...
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    Need some advice on career

    Hi guys, Id like some honest opinion about my prospects in quantitative finance. My chances of admission and finding in QF related to energy or risk management. what kind of opportunities are available in QF with significant Operations research content My profile: I work as a risk analyst and...
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    MY Profile- Risk mgmt in Oil n G projects ; My interests- probilty, stats,algo; Hello from Singapore

    Hello Folks, I got into Quantnet quite tangentially. I am a Risk Specialist at an energy fir, I ievaluate the risk and opportunities in some of the biggest projects in the industry. The skills i use were overlapping with those of quants. I use a lot less programming and lot more...