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    Anyone trading a quantitative strategy here?

    Thanks for your answer! Well, guess I know how and where these steady triple digits returns are made..... There's always room for improvement so maybe I should start looking into these matters...
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    Anyone trading a quantitative strategy here?

    I came on this website an hour ago to reply to a post. Started checking this website and WOW. This is a place for Einsteins.. First: I am a European (non English speaking) trader myself having three trading systems I trade in my own accounts. It took me 6y to develop a trading system which...
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    How to make a trading program

    Your platforms are all very well known. For programming your code (and back and walk forward testing it) I would recommend Amibroker (like said above).If you know to program the AFL language will be easy to pick up. But you need more than average programming skills. (see i.e.: the looking...