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    COMPARE Rutgers MSMF vs Imperial College RMFE

    Hi quantzone, I just graduated from Imperial and I know several people going straight into the city - we have very attractive employment stats... I am only speaking on behalf of science and engineering students though. However, the business school, where I believe your course is run, is held...
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    COMPARE LSE fin math vs oxford MCF

    Hey ishm, LSE is very well known in The City, but I doubt that any university other than Cambridge comes close to Oxford regarding reputation in the UK...
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    COMPARE Columbia Mathematics of Finance vs. Imperial Mathematics of Finace

    Hi, I am in somewhat of a position to give you a little advice, I have just finished my undergraduate degree at Imperial in Theoretical Physics and London is a great place to live, but Imperial attracts a certain breed of person. If you don't mind being surrounded by scientists and engineers...
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    MFE chances straight out of undergrad?

    Hey, You seem more than qualified! I went straight from a Physics undergrad to a degree in MAFN at Columbia.... Shane
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    MFE -> Investment Banking?

    Joy Pathak - This may just be a difference between London, where I'm currently based, and New York. I do not wish to insult anyone, but what I do know is that my friends have A) not lied to me... B) Been recruited by Big IBs and C) do not have MBA's or finance/econ undergrads... IBs, big and...
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    MFE -> Investment Banking?

    A lot of posts here seem to be very narrow minded... I know plenty of people with BSc degrees in physics, maths, biology, chemistry etc. that have walked straight into investment banking jobs in The City. The idea that one MUST have an MBA is pretty ridiculous and the thought that some can...
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    COMPARE Boston vs. Columbia

    Joy Pathak - Hey, thanks for the link but I didn't apply to the MSOR course at Columbia. In your opinion does the MAFN course carry much weight in the financial services industy? atreides - Thanks for the insight! My message was terribly misleading on second reading, Boston work with each...
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    COMPARE Boston vs. Columbia

    Hi Guys, I have recently been accepted into two courses, mathematical finance at both Boston Uni and Columbia. I need to know which one is best? My situation is as follows, I am a Physicist from Imperial College London with no applicable industry work experience. Columbia obviously is a...