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Recent content by steveshank

  1. steveshank

    How is postdoc experience viewed?

    Would like to resurrect this thread as I am interested in this questions as well. I am also curious as to how someone with postdoctoral experience can make the transition to finance... for instance, are internships out of the question? Is it common for STEM postdocs to transfer directly into...
  2. steveshank

    Good Python Book

    I like Dive into Python, feels more oriented towards CS people (so you can probably skip all the web stuff) but definitely written for people who already know how to program but don't know Python. Also available for free online: http://www.diveintopython.net/
  3. steveshank

    Another wannabe quant seeking advice

    Dissertation does not have a title yet, but it is not directly related to finance, though some tangential connections could be made. We had a guy from my program working in a similar field (numerical PDEs, but not finance) who managed to get a few phone interviews with investment banks and hedge...
  4. steveshank

    Another wannabe quant seeking advice

    I have a few questions, but first some background information on my situation... - Currently doing a Ph. D. in mathematics at a lesser known school. Finishing in a year, working in numerical linear algebra. Published and have spoken at several conferences. - Good knowledge of numerical PDEs...
  5. steveshank

    PhD is a must-have?

    How hard is it for a Ph. D. that's not from an Ivy league/top 20 school? Specifically, in applied mathematics with a focus on numerical analysis and lots of coding experience? If one is motivated enough to self study finance and learns to interview well, is it still going to be extremely difficult?
  6. steveshank

    Numerical Methods for Black Scholes

    Hello, everyone. I've followed this site for a while and have found it quite interesting. My growing interest in the field of quantitative finance has motivated me to finally register and post, as I am seeking some advice on the following... I'm currently taking a course in numerical...