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Recent content by Subramaniam

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    How much does GPA matter in MFE admissions

    Most admitted students have some work ex, but not 100% of the candidates admitted to B-schools in India have work ex, (it is a little different from the USA)
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    Some Indians Find It Tough to Go Home Again

    There might be more disparity in India than China. Anyway I dont want to debate that. But your point about billionaires is plain naive. I really do not like getting into comparing India and China, but this point needs attention. I read somewhere that number of billionaires in China are...
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    Some Indians Find It Tough to Go Home Again

    Using both in the same conversation does not mean they are the same. Yes they have some similarities, like both are in Asia, both have 1 billion + people, got free from western rulers/political influence around the same time, they both experimented with varying degrees of closed economies. Both...
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    Some Indians Find It Tough to Go Home Again

    1. Comparison of China - India: Neither Indian companies or the people claim India is a China. It is only in the minds of people like bigbadwolf, who elevate India as a competitor to the USA, China and then go on disproving that notion :) 2. Cultural Differences: Cultural differences are...
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    Legalize illegal immigration, YES or NO

    I am not sure why IITs are discussed whenever immigration/high tech is discussed. IITs produce good students, but that cannot say anything about the entire India or skilled immigrant population by any means. There are many institutions in India(many less well known than the IITs) and many other...
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    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday Bob!
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    India's Ivy League Protests Lack of Public Funding

    IITs are most competetive only in terms of getting into the institution. IITs themselves nor does any standard univesrities ranking, puts them in the top institutes in the world. That is not new and known to most of the world. The media always hypes things up and a lot of times gets facts mixed...
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    algorithmic trading interview questions

    Yes, algorithmic trading will involve programming. By nature, it is a type of trading where you write programs to execute orders.
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    Paul Wilmott says Wall Street Relies on Too much Math.

    An article that blamess mathematician's lack of questioning the assumptions behind many of the models.. Entire article below. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601087&sid=aD4y2TBuy4gQ Wall Street Relies on ‘Too Much Mathematics,’ Paul Wilmott Says By Thomas R. Keene and Shannon D...
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    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday Kevin! Hope you give us some good deals today as a birthday treat!
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    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    Happy Birthday Alain!!!
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    Reuters and Bloomberg training at Baruch

    Baruch subotnick center offers free training for Baruch students in Reuters and Bloomberg. For details and registration please go to http://newman.baruch.cuny.edu/services/workshops/index.php
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    Should I go for Quantitative Finance

    Please clarify : "narrowed to choices: Quantitative Finance, MFE and computer Science" What according to you are the differences between Quantitative Finance and MFE? The answers to your questions can be answered by thinking about the below: what kind of job are you looking for after you...
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    12 Economic Bubbles That May Burst

    How about adding long term US Treasuries to the list?