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Recent content by sugi

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    Default, Bankruptcy, and Credit Derivatives

    Hi, If say most of the CDS had only default clause for the event trigger for the payout, I would say that selling the CDS protection in the financial industry should be the "safest/riskless" instruments as the seller will receive the annual premium with a few change to pay back the contingent...
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    Default, Bankruptcy, and Credit Derivatives

    Hi Guys, I would like to know more on the practice side of the credit derivatives process. How do the current market events (bankcrupt, M&A) do with the credit derivatives, e.g. CDS, FTD, etc, in terms of the payout? i.e. BEAR, AIG, GS, LEH, MS, WM, ML. Will the protection buyers side of...
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    Google Chrome

    I installed Chrome yesterday night and played around 30mins before sleeping. I found it was pretty fast, cool, and minimalist. I liked it. But couldn't retrieve the online rates as the Java plugins not yet installed. Any idea how to install the plugins? sorry, haven't explored much. ;)
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    A Really Cool Math Website!

    PETERSBURG PARADOX Hi, I went into the website and found the interesting Petersburg Paradox. The story is: You entered in the Petersburg casino. Your entrance fee is 20 dollars in each game. In one game, a coin is thrown repetively until it shows no more head. You get 2n-20 Dollars, if n times...
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    The Master Happy Birthday thread

    Hi Andy, Happy Birthday. To All, Happy Easter 2008.
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    Hi, I just finished coding C++ and attached here. Hope it useful. It is similar to Andy C#, just remove the dividend calculation to make it simple. Cheers, Sugi