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  • hi, i am currently a college junior and I am interested in becoming a Quant Analyst , Currently pursuing my undergrads in Fin. Math I would really appreciate if you could provide a little bit of guidance on some key aspects I should develop in order to become a quant. it would be great if could reply back with your some ideas and how your profile was when in the application process. My email is jack21hall@gmail.com
    Dear sura:
    I am also got admit to the MAFN in columbia,
    I am from IIT madras 2007 passout India bachelors in metallurgy and had 3 yrs of work ex in s/ware and metal industry
    Can you share some your background and contact details as I would like to interact with as many of my fellow mates b4 joining.
    My contact details are
    Ph: 00919691624220
    mail Id: dilipv12.iitm@gmail.com(Do send me yours as we can stay in touch)
    Hey! This is Suraj Keshri. my contact is 9268329321
    Hey Sura,
    I noticed that your GRE AW is also 3.0, I got the same score, do you think that really matters? Also, when did you apply? Do you have any past internship experience?
    And congratulations!!
    Sorry for late reply. GRE AW doesn't matter much. I applied in March. I don't have any internship experience in finance. Although, I have done certain courses n projects in finance.
    Hey Suraj,

    congtrats on your admit to the columbia MAFN, I am waitlisted for the same..
    Could u please tell me how much time u have to formally accept the offer..I just want to get a sense of when i might know something..
    and also is this your final destination?
    I have accepted the offer. The last date was 11th april. I am still waiting for NYU and Chicago. If I don't get admission in them,I am going for columbia.
    Hey! Sura. Could you tell me why did you pick columbia's MSOR instead of the MFE program?
    Hi. Sorry for late reply. I have two reasons not to apply to MFE. First, I have applied to columbia MAFN, which I prefer over MFE. Secondly, My application was not that strong by the deadline of MFE.
    Hi Sura,

    anything advice for getting that 800 on the quant section of the GRE? Thank you!
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