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    Does Quant MS/PhD Make Sense?

    I think the things that we should learn from this debacle are... The Federal Reserve inflated prices by meddling with the interest rates too much. The rates should be set by the free market and not some academics. The Fed should be removed. People need to realize the limitations of their models...
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    Hedge Fund Liquidation Sale

    Why are they continuing to blame it all on hedge funds? The IBanks and Freddia/Fannie were/are way more leveraged than the hedge funds. Why do you want the gov to take over more companies? They should be allowed to fail and we come out with a clean slate. Hopefully people will realize many of...
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    Quality of life in major cities

    I wish that you didn't have to pay for the full listings. I have seen similar reports and cities in Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany and Norway all seem to clamor for the top positions. Usually the highest ranked American cities are San Francisco and Seattle.
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    Interesting Article

    According to the other article posted a couple days ago (an interview with a hedge fund manager) yes quants are far more myopic in their views. It was in reference to the man who traded subprime and kept stating that the area was incredible and nothing bad would happen. Even though a few of the...
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    Zero Sum Games but which bank is making profit?

    It keeps the lower level people from talking. Word gets around fast on the street and the fewer people know how the market will turn the better.
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    Mike Whitney on the US economy

    You could also make an arguement that they are the same side of a rigged coin. Which shaped modern politics more... the people or the corporations? I've been under the impression that republicans wanted smaller government, but for some reason the government keeps on growing and now include...
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    Mike Whitney on the US economy

    Obama and McCain both have said very little on their economic approaches, if anything of substance at all. They both will not do anything against the Fed. One man who tries to tell the truth... Ron Paul.. knows alot about monetary policy and has brazenly been against the Fed. It is kind of...
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    Interview with Dominic Connor

    I think what many people are forgetting is that foreigners use the school system to get their foot in the door in America. By taking their graduate courses here they are allowed to find a job within a certain period of time. This causes a disproportional amount of foreigners in graduate...
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    Looking for stochastic calculus resources

    Try and sit through some of the lectures. Professors at my college allowed us to sit through other courses' lectures. We just couldn't get credit or take the tests. Try to be more creative. Not everyone needs formal schooling to be sucessful.
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    Credit Crash t-minus 3 months "The Royal Bank of Scotland has advised clients to brace for a full-fledged crash in global stock and credit markets over the next three months as inflation paralyses the major central banks."...
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    Recent College Grad looking at career opportunities

    Thanks Maxrun. Sorry, I haven't heard of a Prof. Hartman.
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    Reverse Law of Large Numbers

    I would agree with some of this. It can easily be seen whenever a stock sees a downgrade or upgrade, very quickly the stock moves. Also with the sell offs, you can see herd mentality.
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    New Quantnet members say hi

    Hello all! I am a Actaurial Science major from UCF and am hoping to make the move to the other side of the coin.
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    Recent College Grad looking at career opportunities

    Am I correct in thinking that I would need to get a masters in something or a few years of working experience before I would even be considered for some of these top notch MFE programs? If so, that is a bit disappointing. Thanks for the quick responses!
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    Recent College Grad looking at career opportunities

    I was thinking more along the lines of their Fixed Income books for the hull/fabozzi , which is what my prof suggested I go through. In Andy's book list I cant find anything on PDEs, but materials on finite difference methods should be good? I'll also take a look at Shreve 2. Thanks a bunch!