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  • Hi! I wanted to know my chances of getting through the MFE program of Berkeley. My GRE scores are quant: 170, Verbal 150, AWA: 3. I am a graduate from IIT-Bombay with a CPI of 8.79 with 1.5 years of experience in quantitative finance and a year experience in M&A. Kindly let me know. Thanks!
    I have recently been accepted into MS Quantitative Finance at Suny Buffalo. I've read in one of your posts that you were in the same course. Can you guide me about the academics and placement opportunities? I have applied in few other universities, but I m leaning towards Buffalo because its really cheap as compared to others.
    Hi , I read in one of your posts about SUNY-Buffalo and SUNY-Stony Brook. I do not have any information about them. Would you please give me information about the same.

    I am looking to apply for MFE programs in USA and have got GRE score 320...
    Hi, I need some advice from you. I just finished my B. Tech. in Elec. I want to enter the field of finance, because I like maths, have good quantitative skills, and is lucrative. Since I don't know what kind of job I'd want to do, do you think MFE would a good career choice for me? (as an introduction to the field and a platform to get a plethora of jobs) Or should I also consider MS in Finance/ Economics. I don't want to go for a PhD in Economics etc coz I don't have any experience in the field and am not sure I'd be able to sustain my interest for that long.
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