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Recent content by tylor

  1. tylor

    Linear Algebra or Quality Control?

    Have you taken any other Statistic classes? Do you know what is covered?
  2. tylor

    For those who Planning to work at Asia

    Not going to quote everyone - but thanks everyone for helping me with Cantonese vs. Mandarin. I was given Rosetta Stone - Mandarin (Level I-III) as a gift for Xmas, so we'll see how it goes! :)
  3. tylor

    For those who Planning to work at Asia

    Is it specifically the city of Hong Kong, or is it Cantonese is spoken in cities in China? I heard Cantonese in cities, Mandarin in suburban areas.
  4. tylor

    For those who Planning to work at Asia

    not trying to hijack your thread here, however i have the same question but coming from an American. is it considered 'valuable' to be an American in FE whom also speaks Cantonese (Mandarin is mentioned below, but isn't Cantonese more preferable?)
  5. tylor

    Wall St. Computers Read the News, and Trade on It

    that's interesting. Ernie Chan mentions this in his book (Algorithmic Trading), however, i remember him saying it hadn't quite worked. i suppose he wrote the book 2 years ago now, i wonder if technology has just advanced that fast...
  6. tylor

    HyperGeometric Distribution

    simple google search http://stattrek.com/Lesson2/Hypergeometric.aspx
  7. tylor

    Create a profitable business from $100

    i did this when i was 16 with my birthday money. i started with $100, which i invested in some video lectures online which taught me how to use html / flash for building web sites. from this, i built roughly 8 web sites ranging from $500-$1000 with that money, i invested in some molds for...
  8. tylor

    Lecture from Dr Rohit Khare - Networks and Computing systems

    thanks for the link, i'll watch it later. the only familiarity i have with it is i've watched a few of ralph merkle's lectures, one specifically through singularity on nanotechnology. i forget what sort of affiliation he has with it, though. if you have time, you should watch that lecture as...
  9. tylor

    Bernulli to Binomial

    i personally was taught that X is your total number of successes, and n was your total number of trials. and your probability was of course X/n
  10. tylor

    new here and need help

    what is instrumentation engineering? also, it sounds like you may want to look into programs such as operations management, industrial engineering, operations engineering, or systems engineering.
  11. tylor

    Interview Questions at JPMorgan Sales and Trading

    the use of equations below is mind boggling.
  12. tylor

    Interview Questions at JPMorgan Sales and Trading

    you could definitely be right. iirc, i was least confident with this answer. i've never gambled in my life so i know nothing about odds, spreads, etc.
  13. tylor

    Interview Questions at JPMorgan Sales and Trading

    1.) i would choose twice every two years. i read this as my salary is x, and my options are 2x, 3x, and 4x. therefore i would choose 2x due to time-value-of-money, risk of inflation, etc. 2.) $50? 50/50 so should be 2 to 1? 3.) small hand to big hand. 4.) no idea 5.) short JPMorgan...
  14. tylor

    CMU MSCF Please comment on Quality of Live-video lecture at CMU NY campus

    Sorry. Finals week. :) Thanks - I was just confused of what sort of environment these off-campus programs have. It's also very interesting, as you said, others are located right next to another.
  15. tylor

    Top 10 Overused Buzzwords to Avoid in Resume

    after visiting my school's career office they gave me a packet to help guide me with drafting my resume. on the back there is a list of "suggested words to use", which of course contains all from the list andy posted. however, i think if you don't use them you seem less "polished", unfortunately.