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vinay gupta
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  • Is it recommended to join a prop trading firm after MFE considering they require your initial capital?
    Hi Vinay,
    Have you accepted the Imperial RMFE offer? How much do we have to pay?
    I got an admit from NCSU Financial Mathematics. But did not get great reviews from the current sutudent! :(
    I have another 10 days to decide on Imperial offer and still some of my recommendations to other schools are pending
    Hi Vinay,
    I'm Pardha. I had 4 years work experience in IT and 6 months in Financial Data Management. I'm still waiting for some more admits. If I do not get into any better college, I'll be accepting the Imperial admit.
    Type of Undergrad Univ: MSc (Tech) Information Systems and BE(Hons) Civil Engineering, BITS, Pilani
    Undergrad GPA : 8.39
    GRE 1320 (790Q, 530V, 3.5 AWA) TOEFL 108 (29R, 24L, 26S, 29W)
    Work Experience: 4 years at Juniper Networks, 6 months at Thomson Reuters
    How was our GRE/TOEFL score, Undergraduate college and CGPA and extra curricular stuff?
    My Gmail id is pardha.saradhi@gmail.com
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