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Recent content by vinay

  1. vinay

    Why is C++ good for Quantitative Finance? Top 3 reasons

    Though assembly programming, ada, Fortran are faster compared to C/C++, the main reason for using C++ is : 1. Its high level language so easy to understand and reuse the code. 2. Complex to complex programming in large projects can be easily maintained. 3. Assembly programmers will need to...
  2. vinay

    Claremont Graduate University

    Is there any MSFE program which teaches C++ too. I didnt find any.
  3. vinay

    Course: Computational Mathematics

    Quant? Computational Mathematics vs Mathematical Finance To get a quant job, which program is more attractive to headhunter: A. Computational Mathematics (where one would learn parallel processing, multithreading, high performance programming, statistics and mathematical concepts and...
  4. vinay

    Quantitative Trading book

    What is the first book a new quant should read to get overall picture of Quant developer and their role in finance?
  5. vinay

    SOP research topic are already researched upon.

    That helped. Thanks a lot!! :)
  6. vinay

    SOP research topic are already researched upon.

    Thanks for reply. Yeah, i meant Mathematical Finance. :). So how and when does a professor picks up student for research. There may be case where multiple students may want to do research on particular topic but professor cant guide so many of them.
  7. vinay

    SOP research topic are already researched upon.

    Hi all, I am writing my SOP for admission in PhD program in Quant but whatever topic i sort down, either they have already been researched on or they are as Working Papers by some students in other universities. Now, going this way i think, its hardly possible for me to find a topic . So ...