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Recent content by vincegata

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    Ubuntu vs. Linux Mint

    they use their own version called Goobuntu with beefed up security.
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    Ubuntu vs. Linux Mint

    See how your post is quickly turning into a passionate debate :) I've used Ubuntu for two years since version 10.04 Lucid Lynx and that's what I'd recommend you to use (current version 12.04.1) with classic GNOME. It's the most popular distribution with a great support, most of the questions...
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    Ubuntu vs. Linux Mint

    Nonsense. Ubuntu server is getting ground very quickly, it comes pre-installed on some of the servers and Amazon have added it to their cloud.
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    C++ in Quant Finance

    Their tutorial is nice as it gives a beginner a quick birds-eye view of language capabilities but it's not nearly detailed for the job. If you are a CS major it's all should be familiar to you. No tutorial on STL (as Duffy said). Their Reference section was very useful however they still haven't...
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    Quantpedia.com - sneaky bastards :) First they get you to register and then welcome with $299 - 3/month subscription or $499 - year subscription.
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    Popular Electronic Trading Platforms

    Does IB allows to route the orders to specific exchanges?
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    Software/Algorithim to use in data fitting

    MATLAB or R. Both will do the job. MATLAB is $100 for student license, R is free.
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    Financial news database in C#

    Like someone mentioned above, FactSet has such functionality. It is very impressive but expensive.
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    Trading Systems - Putting it all together

    IB does offer FIX. It's on their website: http://individuals.interactivebrokers.com/en/pagemap/pagemap_APISolutions.php But FIX is complex, you'd be better off using their proprietary API. I am using FIX because I am running Linux.
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    Trading Systems - Putting it all together

    It depends on broker what sort of API they offer. Retail brokers usually do not offer FIX because it is complicated to program, most of the time they offer some kind of proprietary API. Which broker do you have in mind?
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    Occupy Wall St.

    I thought that was Buffet who lent $5 bln to GS back in 2008. He also lent the same amount to BofA this year.
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    Worst recruiters: Huxley?

    @warrior THX for sharing.
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    Dennis Ritchie passed away

    He was the man. RIP
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    Anyone has their own website?

    I do not see this website making big - it's too much hassle. Buyers will go to amazon instead with wide selection and where most people already have an account. Besides, it does look like a pyramid.