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Recent content by vivekj

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    2011-2012 Quantnet Ranking of Financial Engineering (MFE) Programs

    If that's the standard, then Berkeley must be doing a good job of placing students at 150K+
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    MFE Programs Transparency Project

    I thought you were trying to say that Berkeley and others did not provide info on placement. My bad. If this is the reason you included Berkeley, by the same standards you should have included Baruch as well in the potential list of institutes.
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    MFE Programs Transparency Project

    I'm not sure about others but Berkeley provides details of placements and students. http://mfe.berkeley.edu/careers/placement2010.html Similarly Princeton provides data to some extent regarding the recruiting companies but there is no detailed break up of salary as such...
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    Singapore FE applicants for fall 2011

    I had applied for both the programs, but haven't heard from them yet. I spoke with the admission office yesterday at NTU. They communicated that interviews are still being conducted and shortlisted candidates will be informed latest by end of April.
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    MFE or Bust!

    It was a good blog Mannya...My wishes for achieving your dreams...
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    CMU MSCF Indian Students at CMU - MSCF

    Zishan, Congrats for the admission into CMU. This is only for Indian students.Hope you have checked this http://www.tepper.cmu.edu/current-students/current-graduate-students/financial-aid/international-financial-assistance-options/global-student-loan-corporation-and-hsbc/index.aspx Also try...
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    NEW MFE Rankings ???

    I will start with schools in Asia and then to others..
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    NEW MFE Rankings ???

    Sure, you can count me in.. I have been following schools in Asia. I'm not very much aware of programs in Europe. If you can suggest some good programs, I would try to collect some data.
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    NEW MFE Rankings ???

    Joy, How about including some reputed schools in regions other than North America, say NTU in Singapore. NTU is a old program with decent placement (Historically 100% percent within three months of completion of the course as reported in their website).It would be good to see where they stand...
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    Courses taken/should take

    Hi Jzavala, these are the requirements: Have a U.S. bachelor's (or equivalent) degree or be in the final year of your bachelor's degree program at the time of registration...
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    How much does GPA matter in MFE admissions

    Ankur, You had two queries: 1) Poor GPA’s: I think most people would agree to the point that a high GPA helps but no one would be able say for sure if a poor GPA matters... 2) What is relevant experience: My understanding is either work exp in IBs, financial institutions or lots of...
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    How much does GPA matter in MFE admissions

    MBAs from top school (Finance Major's) end up in IB or high end KPOs. In some cases the profile need not be neccesarily that of an analyst. People graduating from second or third tier schools generally they end up in Operational side of banks, KPOs or IBs like GS and Morgan Chase. Some of them...
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    UCB MFE Review of UC Berkeley MFE program

    Its pretty hard to believe such a bad review for a reputed program like UCB..
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    Question about CFA Level 1

    I cleared my CFA Level 1 last june. IMO you should enrol for exam and I feel given your educational background it should be possible to clear it. I feel around hour a day should be enough initially. If you could spent arount 3-4 hrs in May I think you would clear it. Best of Luck....
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    Christmas and New Year Wishes

    Wishing you a Happy and Prosperous New Year...