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  • I'm currently doing some low latency high frequency engineering work for a global arbitrage desk at a major Wall St. firm.
    Hi Wallstyouth,
    How do you do ?
    The work you're doing is very interesting. Can you share
    some links or books or whitepapers that has more such
    ways of optimizing the latency results.
    Good stuff. Do you know how to get into the field in
    General ?

    Hi there Wallstyouth, I have posted my solution, does it look fine?
    I will appreciate your comments
    Hi, I liked your post. will you like to be my friend? :partyman:
    My website is:: http://navjotsingh-roboticsnerd.com/

    I just like to learn something from you and gain some knowledge as i am new to this finance world.

    Thanks & Regards
    Navjot Singh
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