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    Should people with a degree in fin/biz/eco take the lvl 1 CFA exam ?

    How important are the verbal and AW sections of the GRE?
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    What is an entry-level trader's annual salary supposed to be?

    "BP Supply & Trading (I could be a little off on the name- it's been several years) is still very competitive- you'll be up against the second and third decile of students from Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, Notre Dame, and maybe a sprinkling from Berkeley and Northwestern- but it's easier than...
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    UIUC-MS Finance

    MSF - Master of Science in Finance MSF - Master of Science in Finance Numbers don't seem consistent enough to tell you much.
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    Princeton to clam down on grade inflation

    I imagine some people here would know... Do Princeton students usually get some more GPA leniency than other Ivy league schools because of this policy?
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    What are the GPA and GRE 50% range at various schools?

    " the average student does 1-1.5 standard deviations above average in the most competitive programs, and maybe about 2 standard deviations" That's probably the most useful number I have seen, but for that, what would you classify UMich Engineering as?
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    top 200 jobs 2010 jobs rated

    You actually had me thinking that was a real book.
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    MIT MFin Why so many people apply MIT MS Finance this year?

    Well... It's called a Masters of Finance, not a MFE...
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    Usefulness of Data Mining & Information Analysis

    How useful is an educational background in Data Mining & Information Analysis to the finance industry?
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    A Fun Interview Question

    "In general, C is the maximum number of coins, then no pirates older than (2C+1) will survive." Can you explain why (and why those pirates won't simply instead vote in favor of any proposal?)
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    A Fun Interview Question

    A question about the general case where N (number of pirates) > 1000... Do pirates of N-index < N-1000 (for instance, the first 200 if N if 1200) vote in favor when they get 0, because they don't want to risk the split coming to them, and they're unable to satisfy enough people, so they die?
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    A Fun Interview Question

    I'll be nit-picky and say that only happens if the lions know the other lions are intelligent, which was not stated (so I assume to be false). Is that something you're supposed to ask in the interview if they don't say? For the pirate problem, Pirate 2 won't ever vote for anything that...
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    A Fun Interview Question

    I'll have to assume where you said starvation at the end, you meant being eaten, because otherwise it makes no sense. If n > 1, the meat won't get eaten. If n = 1, the meat gets eaten, if n < 1, there are no lions to eat the meat.
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    What's missing from Industrial Engineering?

    "but the MFE has some foundational finance classes (ie Capital Markets & Investment Strategies). Also the MFE lets you customize with a concentration." But the IOE degree lets you take them as well, they're just not required. Also Financial Engineering is the concentration with IOE. I guess...
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    What's missing from Industrial Engineering?

    Edit: By the way, I am talking about at Michigan, not everywhere. So I'm looking at this here... and I'm wondering what's missing from what classes are part of that, and a full MFE program. The only three MFE only classes are Statistical Methods in Finance, Optimization Methods in Finance, and...
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    Undergrad degree combos?

    I definitely do want to get an IE degree. Firstly, it is much better at guaranteeing a good job out of undergrad (this is one of the top schools for IE). Secondly, I have more credits toward it than I am willing to abandon. I am not a 100% sure on finance either. Right now I'm saying "Yeah I...