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    Housing info for international students

    Any traffic search web? Hi all, I'm looking for house right now. I wonder if there is any traffic search engine for NY? I input start and end address, then the public transportation route will be provided. I'm looking into Queens area, besides Elmhurst, is flushing, college point, Jamacia...
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    class dinner time

    wooo, just curious, how many 07 students are taking refreshing courses right now? Sigh, I can't make it, cuz it's in July. There will be other activities later on, right?
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    House sharing?

    Hi Andy, 1 simple question about The CUNY News Wire » Blog Archive » Students Begin Moving Into Newly Opened Towers Residence Hall At The City College Of New York This seems a news link, not housing information? do you happen to know the link to tower dorm? Thanks Yiping
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    QUANTNET CONTEST : Brainstorming a slogan

    Nokia: we connect people QN: we connect money haha
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    i cant take it!! ISSC

    - I just got my admission letter this morning. Nobody has ever told me the exact amount before (2-years expense), even through email. - I have no idea why ISSC require property certificates like stocks, houses, in addition to $58000 bank deposit under the name of parents. Also they never reply...
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    Question about financial amount

    Thanks, guys, for your help~~:D ISSC will send I-20 just through normal mail, sigh~~, another 15 days
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    Question about financial amount

    ISSC said 2-years fee is necessary for I-20, that's $57800, so expensive!!!!! How did current international students do last year?? pls share your experience~
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    Question about financial amount

    but the program is 18 months, why do they require 2 year amount?
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    Question about financial amount

    Hi all, In the CDF document sent from international student service, $28900 for 1 year. But I sent financial certificates amounting to $45000, the office said I do not have enough money for year 2. So could anybody help tell me what amount should I send? Millions thanks in advance~~ Regards...
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    International Students: Loans

    but if you take loan before you get visa, does loan hamper the VISA?
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    Is one C++ programming course enough?

    I'm a little curious. Baruch MFE is provided in math department, but c++ is overwhelmingly emphasized. Which is more important? math/c++?? for international students, I will have to miss the refresher. besides books like c++ primer..., what else do you recommend? numerical recipes in c++? my...
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    EXCLUSIVE: Free Amazon book for Quantnet members

    Thanks a lot for the share :) hope I'm still in time.
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    Goldman Sachs Interview Workshop

    wow~~~good news
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    "MFE program profile evaluation" master thread

    This post is really appreciated!!
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    question about internship

    Thanks Yan He :) good luck for u Any graduates would like to pour ideas? expecting~~