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Lehigh University Financial Engineering program

Lehigh University Financial Engineering program

I am a current MFE student at Lehigh, set to graduate in the winter of 2021. This program is fantastic, because on top of the curriculum fusing together finance, math, and engineering, there is a clear goal to prepare us for the future. The program includes working on real-life projects by partnering with companies, which prepares us for life after college, and also gives us the opportunity to build our network and potentially earn a job. On top of that, every week we get the opportunity to meet with former students of the program, where we learn about their path to where they are now. There is a clear goal from the administration to help us students not only get a job out of college, but the right job for each of us. I would recommend this program to anyone interested in a quantitative finance profession.
I am a current student in the MFE program graduating in May 2021. Although I have not been in the program for long, I already know that it was a great decision to join the program and pursue a Master's degree in Financial Engineering at Lehigh. Some of the best aspects of the program are the emphasis on real world projects in addition to the many networking opportunities. There is a strong alumni network, and there are weekly calls with alumni as they provide invaluable advice on how to make the most of the program. I definitely feel that there are many opportunities that will help forward my career. In addition, the coursework of the program provides a great blend of math, finance, and engineering classes, and there is a lot of support to develop the technical skills that are in high demand. Overall, I know the program will help me achieve my professional goals, and I highly recommend it to any prospective student.
I am currently in the Lehigh MSFE program and will be graduating in May 2021. This program will give you an extremely diverse skill set as it dives deep into areas of Finance, Math and Engineering. Courtesy of Prof. Zoro, the program also has strong emphasis on networking and project work. Each one of us within the program are able to work with companies and sponsors on a project that has real world applicability which not only helps you improve your technical skills but perfectly mimics a job like environment. I would recommend this prestigious program to any motivated individuals looking to get into the quant industry. The experiences you will have are truly priceless.
I graduated in 2019 and got my first job in consulting industry with this degree and the skills I gained from this program. I would say it's the program which equips you with knowledge in math, finance as well as computer science which is imperative currently in many industries. Prof. Zoro is a really helpful guy. He's got over 20 year of practical experience in financial industry and now is the professor of practice. He's got tons of connections which will really benefit students in networking and improving professionalism. As I know, many of the graduates got their places in Wall Street and many other related fields.
I graduated from the program in the Spring of 2019 and can certainly say that it has helped me tremendously in my financial career. The diverse, interdisciplinary, analytical knowledge students gain from the program puts them a step ahead of others in the job market. Lehigh's MFE professors were always willing to help me and my classmates when we struggled, whether it be in the classroom setting or on a class project which I feel cultivated a much deeper and practical understanding of the underlying concepts. I would recommend this program to anyone with a mathematically inclined thought process who wants to break into the financial industry.
I am a current student in Lehigh MFE program. My bachelor degree is finance and I want to develop my technical skills, so that's why I choose this program. The program provides you courses in Finance, Math and Engineering, which probably helped me to improve the skills I need. In addition, our professor helps us to involve in different projects in companies, which not only develops our skills, but also provides us opportunities to network.
I am a current student in Lehigh MFE program and will be graduating in May 2020. After almost two years of studying, I have acquired advanced analytical skills and I am ready to apply what I have learned to working in the industry. The interdisciplinary program allows you to have all the skills needed to be a quant. Besides, there are a lot of resources and network opportunities provided by the program. If you are looking for a program which can help you succeed in quant positions, Lehigh MFE program is definitely one of the best choices!
I am the current student in the MFE program at Lehigh. This program provides a series of interdisciplinary courses in Finance, Engineering and Maths which help me enhance my quantitative skills. It also offers some opportunities to attend financial projects and Quant competition. I would definitely recommend this program.
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The MFE program at Lehigh does an excellent job of intertwining the three disciplines of industrial engineering, mathematics, and finance. Each course is extensive and vital to the understanding and preparation of a job in the quant finance industry. All the professors are intelligent, knowledgable, and helpful across most all of the courses. There are many resources amongst the staff involved in the MFE program including advisors and alumni. Lastly, there are many opportunities to get involved in projects on campus directly relating to finance. I would highly recommend this program for those looking for rigorous academia, a friendly campus environment, and strong alumni network.
I graduated from this program in 2015. This program provided me with solid academic foundations, practical knowledge sets, as well as rich alumni connections for me to land a job in the financial services industry upon graduation. I enjoyed my experience at Lehigh and highly recommend this program to anyone who would like to pursue quantitative finance studies at relatively affordable tuition and living costs.