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    MFE Prerequisite: Neuva York

    Hi Guys, A bit of help. Where can I take the Calculus based probability course in Manhattan? Unless I am mistaken, it's not being offered at Baruch or Hunter in Fall. Cheers, Vic
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    Required vs Advantageous

    Hi Guys, I am preparing to apply for MFE at Baruch in Fall '09. I am taking Calc II this summer, Linear Algebra & Probability in the Fall. Once finished, I would have the "minimum" required courses (I know c++) to apply for the program. Can I rely on the "advanced calculus refresher course"...
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    Deferring till Fall 09

    Hi Guys, After a bit of thinking, I have decided to defer applying to MFE for fall 09. And I am going to use this opportunity to bulk up in Math. So, I want to take Multivariable Calculus, ODE, PDE and a calculus based probability class at Baruch. Has anyone taken these or some of these...
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    A bit of help pls!

    Hello Ladies n Gents, I wonder if I may ask a few questions about the MFE program. I currently work as a desk programmer in the fixed income trading division of a tier-1 ibank. It's a software developer role but it provides heavy interaction with the traders and quants. I have a B.S degree...