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    Allston Trading

    I have a phone interview with Allston Trading coming up, does anyone have any tips or relevant info/articles? (specific to Allston, that is; I've had a few phone interviews with different firms before)
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    Last Atlantis Capital Management / Phoenix IBFO

    I'm really interested in becoming a trader. I found a 5 year old list of trading firms and applied for many of them. Today I got a call from John B. of Phoenix IBFO, asking me to come to Chicago for an interview. The internship would be unpaid, but I would apparently be coding and trading their...
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    USC, Claremont, or BU better for algorithmic trading prep?

    I'm not completely sure on my career path right now, but in trying to decide between USC, BU, and Claremont I was wondering if either program shines in certain aspects such as alg trading, since so far it looks like the most fun (I like programming) Maybe this doesn't happen, but is there a...
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    Accepted! BU, Claremont, or USC?

    I'm trying to decide between those 3 schools before BU's 1k deposit due on the 25th. I was offered a 30% fellowship to CGU, a 12k scholarship to BU, and a congratulations from USC. I've searched these forums and have found some conflicting views... I'm under the impression that BU has a better...
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    Baruch MFE Baruch problem: anything I can do?

    So I applied to Baruch in early March, and had already asked my calculus professor Dr. Nagy to write me a letter of recommendation in December. He neglected to send the recommendation in by the 18th, so I got an email from Baruch telling me that my app was incomplete . I reminded him, he sent in...
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    Essay on ethics for Rutgers

    I'm looking for some feedback on this essay, it's interesting and not too long ^_^ I did it in sort of a narrative style, should I make a note that this conversation is paraphrased or is that so obvious it doesn't need a note? the exact question is "Identify an ethical dilemma you have faced and...
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    seeking help with my personal statement (long)

    Hi, I'm trying to apply to a bunch of programs, and I started with U of M's, and wrote this with their specifications, which are listed in two different places. One is "The applicant should provide a 1.5-2 pages, 1.5 spaced, 12 pt font, statement addressing the following questions: Why the...
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    Here are my qualifications, to which programs should I apply?

    Hey, this is my first post. These forums seem helpful so I'm hoping to get some feedback as to what my safety/reach schools are. Hopefully posting my grades below will be helpful, I don't know if a raw GPA is enough or if schools focus on specific aspects of a transcript... I'm a Michigan State...